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Final Cut Pro for Windows: 14 Alternatives to Try

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Final Cut Pro (FCP) is an Apple-exclusive piece of video editing software that offers a wide range of editing and post-production functions for both professional video editors and enthusiasts.

FCP’s key features include enhanced proxy workflows that make it easy to shrink and transfer media files, Smart Conform which helps users automatically crop and modify videos and images, and functions like fast exporting, rendering, and the speedy addition of real-time effects to video. Unfortunately for PC users however, there is no Final Cut Pro for Windows.

Final Cut Pro’s price tag of $299.99 and its exclusivity to Mac makes the need for alternatives clear. And while there may be no Final Cut for Windows, there are other pieces of software that can assist you with your video editing needs.

Whether you need a more comprehensive tool that costs some money or a free basic video editor, we’ve outlined 14 alternatives for Final Cut Pro Windows and macOS users can both explore.

Best alternatives for Final Cut Pro on Windows

Let’s take a look at the top alternatives to Final Cut Pro you can find online today:

Operating system: Mac OS X or higher, Windows 7/8/10, legacy versions available

Licensing: $79.95

Movavi Video Editor is a complex piece of software wrapped into an easy-to-use interface. Pre-made introductions and animated titles help you start editing projects quickly, and then special effects like slow motion, reverse video, filters, and transitions help even a beginner create professional, customized videos.

Usable in 14 major languages, Movavi Video Editor can help people all over the world with their video editing needs. Not to mention, a wide range of devices like smartphones, tablets, and video game consoles plus all popular video, audio, and image formats are supported. Whether you’re a video editing software novice or an editing virtuoso, Movavi Video Editor and its frequently updated versions will help you do the job like a pro, so it's a worthy FCPX alternative.

Key features:

  • Clean, simple interface

  • Accessible (supports 14 languages, plus all major operating systems, devices, and input/output file formats)

  • Background rendering

  • Chroma Key (green screen)

  • Vertical video (easy dimension shifts for social media)


  • Features for beginners and professionals

  • Fast — create a polished video in 20 minutes, good rendering speed


  • Color grading less robust than some competitors

Best for people looking to take the next step in their video editing skills. Effective tool that makes editing easy for beginners but also provides high-level features for professionals.

Operating system: Mac OS 10.13 or higher, Windows 8.1/10

Licensing: $33.99 monthly subscription, $239.88 annual subscription

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is another well-rounded piece of video editing software that supports a range of file formats and devices. Particularly effective at audio editing (like special effects, background music, and voice-over features), it’s a tool for professional audiophiles and video editors who place emphasis in sound.

Key features:

  • Essential Sound Panel (Music, Sound FX, Ambience, and Dialogue)

  • Lightweight proxy workflows (easier to preview large video files)

  • Integration with other Adobe applications

  • Can edit 8K, virtual reality (VR) videos


  • Strong audio editing

  • Easy to stay organized with markers and notes


  • Slower than some competitors

  • Steep price for beginners

Best for amateurs and professionals who want more control over audio editing in their videos.

Operating system: Windows 10

Licensing: $19.99 month-to-month subscription, or $399 lifetime license (normally $599)

Vegas Pro by Sony is both powerful and intuitive NLE (non-linear video editing) software that leverages AI to make your work easier. If you’re a Youtuber looking for a tool to handle high-level audio mastering and video production, Vegas Pro has a bevvy of creative effects and features at your disposal.

While the price tag may scare some people off, Vegas Pro is a viable Final Cut Pro X Windows alternative with similarly powerful functions and editing capabilities to Apple’s premiere video editing software.

Key features:

  • High-end color grading (HDR)

  • Denoise filter (creates cleaner audio, video)

  • Integrates with VFX plugins


  • Advanced features for professionals

  • Many tutorials available online


  • Computer requirements are high

  • Slow rendering

  • Expensive

Best for people who need to edit files for their social media channels, as well as anyone who emphasizes color when editing.

Operating system: Windows 7/8/10

Licensing: $99 full version

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is at its strongest working as a single-track video editing tool. A clean, easy-to-use interface with a range of fun features and template makers targeted toward beginners (like “Instant Project” and “Highlight Reel”) make this a popular option for video editors who work on PCs.

It’s ability to process stop motion animation via camera plugin is also a fun additional tool if you’re looking to mix things up.

Key features:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) stickers (instantly apply them to videos)

  • Enhanced video stabilization (for full-version users)

  • Drag-and-drop editing


  • Regularly updated with new features

  • Integrates well with social media


  • Missing audio waveforms for easier audio editing

  • Reported to crash on occasion

Best for entry-level video editors in need of a tool that helps them create content fast (via templates and a smooth interface).

Operating system: Windows 7/8/10

Licensing: 30-day free trial, $49.95 Studio version, $79.95 Studio Plus version, $99.95 Ultimate version

Pinnacle Studio is a high-end video and audio editing program made by Corel (the maker of Corel VideoStudio Ultimate). Corel markets Pinnacle Studio as its more professional-oriented software, and for good reason. Rather than placing emphasis on its template engines, it puts energy into features for making highly customized and optimized video edits.

For instance, it facilitates storage of a wide range of media (like images, audio files, video cuts) in a single place (or “Project Bin”), making it easier to organize and create a movie on your PC. You can even use it to create 360-degree VR projects, and it’s one of the speedier tools for rendering on the market.

Key features:

  • Dynamic video masking

  • Audio ducking

  • Project Bins


  • Fast

  • Feature rich

  • Frequently updated


  • Many top features are reserved for the highest price point

  • Newer users may struggle with interface and terminology

Best for prosumers and professionals who are working on a range of projects that require a variety of features.

Operating system: Mac OS X, Windows 10

Licensing: Lifetime licenses ($99 Ultra, $139 Ultimate), subscriptions (PowerDirector 365 $4.33 /month, Director Suite 365 $8.08 /month, PowerDirector 365 Business $16.67 /month, annual plans available)

Cyberlink PowerDirector is tailored to the experienced amateur, falling into somewhat of a “pro consumer” category of video editing software. But the fact that Cyberlink offers everything from a limited-feature free version to a powerful business-targeted video editing suite makes it clear they believe their software is for everybody.

Whether you need something as simple as a dynamic slideshow or you want to pick apart and tweak a range of video and audio files, Cyberlink PowerDirector can handle it.

Key features:

  • TrueTheater Color (enhanced but not-overdone saturation of color)

  • Express Project Modules (Cyberlink’s take on video templates)

  • Vector designing tool

  • 3D and 4K video rendering


  • Powerful 360-degree video editor

  • Diverse selection of special effects and VFX integrations


  • Overwhelming pricing page and options to choose from

  • Limited editing on mobile

Best for skilled video editors who have a wide range of needs, such as editing 360-degree videos, combining and editing film from different cameras, and handling precise design edits.

Operating system: N/A (usable in browser)

Licensing: Free watermarked version, $9 /month, $72 /annual subscription

Clideo is the only video editing tool in our top seven paid options that doesn’t require a download. Simply open the platform with your preferred browser, sign in and you’re ready to begin preparing and mastering your digital video.

In addition to standard editing features like file compression and resizing, there’s also video looping, reversing, flipping, and speeding up (and down), which help you adjust your video media in different ways.

Key features:

  • Social sharing

  • Splitting and merging videos

  • Meme Maker

  • Text Overlay


  • Premium security encryption

  • No download required

  • Can tryfor free


  • Limited pro features

Best for regular producers of social media content, and people who prefer using a high-end video editing browser app than downloading a specific tool.

Operating system: Mac, Windows, Linux

Licensing: Open source

Shotcut is open-source video editing software for any OS (including Linux) as well as most computers (spec demands are low).

While Shotcut provides useful basic features like drag-and-drop transitions, filters, and splicing, it’s missing advanced ones like motion tracking and multicam editing (so it’s not ideal for the prosumer demographic). But with frequent updates and helpful tutorials online, it’s worth checking out if you don’t require the most cutting-edge editing tools.

Key features:

  • Webcam and audio capture

  • Add titles, transitions, and effects

  • Preview Scaling (easier on the computer)


  • Doesn’t require a powerful computer to run

  • Strong text editing functions


  • Interface takes getting used to

  • Lacking in the features department

Best for people who need a video editor that doesn’t require a ton of power and RAM to use.

Operating system: Mac, Windows, Linux, Android

Licensing: Freemium, Blender Cloud membership $10 /month

Blender is a powerful piece of open source editing software that specifically thrives when it comes to 3D rendering. While it can handle your standard video editing needs, it stands out with 3D functions like modeling, animation, simulation, and compositing.

Blender can also handle your basic video editing functions (like splicing, transitions, and cutting), so if you need editor software that packs a bit extra with interesting 3D effects, it’s more than capable.

Key features:

  • 3D modeling

  • Audio waveform visualization (for editing audio files)

  • Texture simulation (things like smoke, rain, etc.)


  • Great community of users ready to answer your questions

  • Stable software, often updated


  • Slower rendering

  • Users report occasional bugs

Best for video editing enthusiasts most interested in 3-dimensional media, and want to manipulate it for use in videos.

Operating system: Mac, Windows, Linux

Licensing: open source, paid plugins available

Avidemux is a fast and free download that can help you make quick cuts to your video clips. If you’re looking for a minimal interface with linear editing functions (so quick and easy video editing), Avidemux is a good option for you.

Key features:

  • Cutting

  • Video and audio filters

  • Copy (or remove) chunks of video


  • Support for many languages

  • Big range of file types that can be exported


  • No multitrack editing (fairly linear software)

Best for anyone who wants to edit a video quickly and efficiently, without all the bells and whistles of a premium video editor.

Operating system: N/A (usable in browser)

Licensing: Free (must sign up)

Video Toolbox is a free-to-sign-up platform that helps you handle a lot of the video editing features provided in a robust, download-only piece of software. For instance, you can cut and crop videos, merge several files into a single project, and convert files into optimal formats straight from your browser.

The number of files you’re allowed to process and store is limited, but if the scope of your project isn’t huge then this is a solid option.

Key features:

  • Rendering with advanced settings

  • Easily embed subtitle files to videos

  • Uses vector icons (better quality than sprites)


  • In-browser tool (no download required)

  • Mobile friendly


  • No video effects

  • Limited space

Best for anyone looking to do a quick video-editing project that doesn’t require a ton of file space.

Operating system: Mac, Windows, Linux

Licensing: Free version, $299 lifetime license (Resolve Studio)

DaVinci Resolve is a heavy-hitting piece of software produced by Blackmagic Design. On the website they mention their product being popular among Hollywood producers, and it’s easy to see why. Their impressive color grading, audio mastering, and video editing features (which mostly come with the free version) make this a comprehensive, versatile tool in experienced hands.

Key features:

  • Magic Mask tool (pick out individuals in a shot and edit / mask specific features)

  • High-end color grading

  • Clip-syncing via timeline

  • Transient markers (to pinpoint specific points in an audio file)


  • Free version is viable for most consumers

  • Huge range of features to edit and customize your video and audio files


  • Challenging to learn

Best for professionals looking to up their audio, color, and video editing game, and ready to put in the time to master a powerful piece of editing software that comes with many features.

Operating system: Mac, Windows

Licensing: Free version, paid additional features

HitFilm Express provides a huge range of learning resources and tutorials, making it one of the stronger introductory pieces of video editing software for beginners available online.

Its free editor lets you easily adjust video, audio, text, color, and more, and the advanced features go much beyond these fundamentals. Plus if you decide you want to purchase those additional features, 20% of the proceeds go to charity, which is a nice touch.

Key features:

  • Lock layers and tracks

  • Add unlimited video and audio files

  • Video trimmer tool

  • Advanced features for GoPro footage


  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Tutorials, guides, Masterclasses, and FAQs all provided on the website

  • Good range of tools for beginners and skilled amateurs


  • Runs poorly on old and midrange hardware

Best for editing novices trying to learn (or further hone) video editing skills on an intuitive piece of free editing software.

Operating system: Mac, Windows

Licensing: Free version, $39.95 (Home Edition), $69.95 (Master’s Edition)

VideoPad pairs the features a prosumer wants with the UI a beginner needs. In addition to standard video and audio editing tools, VideoPad also can help you produce green screen videos — making it a popular option among people producing YouTube content and other types of online videos.

Key features:

  • Green screen tool

  • Sound effects library

  • VFX templates

  • Music mixer


  • Flexible: add as many video tracks to a project as you want

  • Layering video files is easy


  • Rendering issues

  • Export options for free version restricted to AVI and WMV

Best for anyone actively creating online content who doesn’t have the budget for a paid version of quality video editing software.

Whether you’re using an old PC running Windows XP or recently bought a new Macbook Pro, there’s a wide range of final cut pro alternatives for both operating systems. The ideal software or platform depends on where you’re at as a video editor, what kind of rig you’re using for your video editing needs, and your budget.

For the best value, we recommend you use Movavi’s Movavi Video Editor. As an alternative to Final Cut Pro (with Windows options available), Movavi’s software is the right balance of cost, function, and ease of use.

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