How to Mirror an iPhone to a PC
[7 Best Ways]

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Many of us are used to sending our phone display to other devices, and in this guide we’re explaining how to mirror an iPhone to a PC in seven different ways. You can easily select the best solution for you and start streaming in a matter of minutes.

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Best apps for screen mirroring an iPhone to a PC via Wi-Fi


Best for: Simple screen mirroring

LonelyScreen can help you cast AirPlay from an iPhone to your PC. To start screen mirroring your iPhone to a PC, follow these steps:

  1. Download the LonelyScreen installer and install the software following the prompts on your screen.
  2. LonelyScreen will run automatically once installed, or you can access it within the programs or applications list of your device. You can click the name to change it to whatever you want before accessing AirPlay.
  3. Go to your iPhone or iPad and choose the Screen Mirroring option. The name you have chosen for the server should come up, allowing you to cast to the device over Wi-Fi. If you haven’t chosen your own name, it may just appear as LonelyScreen.


Best for: Streaming from a variety of devices

To enable screen mirroring from an iPhone to a laptop or desktop PC using Reflector, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install Reflector on your computer.

  2. Connect your computer and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network and open Reflector on your computer. 

  3. Choose Screen Mirroring and navigate to the name of your computer, Reflector will have turned it into a screen mirroring (iPhone to PC) option to select. You should now be able to stream videos and showprojects from your phone on a PC.


Best for: 60 FPS streaming

AirServer is a screen-mirroring app that is compatible with Windows 10 PCs and latest iOS versions. Follow the instructions below to learn how to cast your iPhone to a PC.

  1. Download AirServer from the Microsoft store and buy a license from the AirServer site. When prompted during installation, enter your activation key and click Activate Online.

  2. Run AirServer and ensure that your PC has been named when you set it up, as this is how you will select the device  for iPhone mirroring.

  3. Choose Screen Mirroring and choose the device name of your computer to share the iPhone screen on your computer display in high quality.


Best for: Simple controls

AirPlay is native to iOS but not Windows. If you’re wondering how to screen-mirror an iPhone to a laptop using Apple software, be aware that AirPlay only works if you use third-party software to turn your PC into a mirroring device, so there’s no option without software involved.

  1. Download your chosen software from this list, such as Reflector or AirServer, to turn your PC into a receiver for AirPlay. Follow our instructions to install and set up your software.

  2. Select the AirPlay icon when watching a video on your phone.

  3. Choose your device from the list of compatible options that appears, this will display as specified when you set up your screen-sharing software.


Best for: Screen mirroring iPhone to PC on multiple devices

Before using AirParrot, ensure that you have Reflector installed on your PC devices. AirParrot scans for and aggregates your content onto multiple iOS devices or PCs running Reflector. Here’s how to screen-share your iPhone to a PC using AirParrot:

  1. Download and install AirParrot. Once you have followed the instructions to do this, you can launch it from the Start menu. Ensure you have paid for a license and log in to your account from the AirParrot home page.

  2. Select the display or media you'd like to send. Then choose the destination from the list of AirParrot devices, this will include all devices on the running Reflector. You can also change settings on this menu.

Best apps for an iPhone screen mirroring to a PC via USB


Best for: Simple USB screen mirroring

The first option for mirroring via USB is using AirDroid. Follow the instructions:

  1. Download and install AirDroid Cast on your Windows PC. Follow the steps to install, launch it and sign in to your AirDroid Cast account. Ensure you have paid for a monthly or annual AirDroid membership.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a standard USB cable. 
  3. Choose your iOS device from the list in AirDroid Cast by clicking Cable to show all the devices currently connected via cable. You might be prompted to install a simple driver.
  4. When you choose your device, a pop-up window asking you to Trust This Computer shows up on your iOS device, tap Trust and you can view your iPhone screen on a PC.


Best for: Simple application control

Follow the steps below to share your iPhone screen to the computer with the ApowerMirror application.

  1. Download and install ApowerMirror.

  2. Connect iPhone and PC via a USB lightning cable. ApowerMirror will detect the driver, or if one cannot be detected, you may be prompted to add the driver. Just simply click Install Now to start the process.

  3. You may need to click Trust on your iPhone if it is the first time you have connected the devices. Then click Already trusted, next on the pop-up on your PC. The computer should now screen-mirror your iPhone.


Best for: Free iPhone tool suite

Here’s how to use iTools for screen mirroring your iPad to a PC:

  1. Download iTools and install on your computer following the on-screen instructions. Like the other USB options, you will also need to connect your iPhone using a lightning cable and click Trust to link the devices.

  2. Launch iTools and click the Toolbox button on the menu bar. Then select the Real-time Desktop button on the Toolbox page to see your iPhone screen mirroring to a PC.

  3. You can also click the red Record button in the center of the screen to create a simple screen recording of the iPhone stream from your desktop.

How to screen-mirror an iPhone to a laptop via the cloud

Best for: Cloud mirroring 

Using the cloud is another option of casting your iPhone to a laptop. Many of us have been using methods like this in recent years as technology like Zoom becomes more sophisticated and compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems.

If you want to use the cloud, you can connect your iPhone to Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or even FaceTime. These all give the option for iPhone users to share their screen with anyone else who is on the call. You may even use multiple logins, so you could be connected on your laptop and on your iPhone simultaneously.

Here’s how to stream an iPhone to a PC via video-conferencing software:

  1. Download Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or another app that supports iPhone screen sharing. You may download an app to both your iPhone and your PC.

  2. Join or create a call from your iPhone. Each app is slightly different, but all allow you to join or start calls using your iOS device.

  3. Start streaming from your iPhone. You may connect via your own laptop using a separate login too, if you want to mirror your screen on your own PC as well as others’.

How to choose a screen-mirroring app

Hopefully, our guide has answered your questions on mirroring, but you will still need to choose the ideal method. Considerations for selecting a screen-mirroring method are below.

  • Wired or wireless. This is one of the crucial considerations before you try mirroring. There are a few ways that you can connect using your lightning cable, and this usually provides a really steady, high-quality and reliable screen share.

  • Price. While there are some free options on the market, it is usually easier to get support and find the features you want if you are willing to pay. Whether you pay a one-off fee for a license or a recurring monthly or annual subscription is bound to be another consideration.

  • Usability. If you don’t want to spend a long time reading how-to guides or tweaking features, and you tend to find technology a little overwhelming, then simple usability is perfect.

  • Reliability. Apple’s own AirPlay feature is excellent at keeping a reliable stream, but some third-party software for PCs can be clunky. Be sure to opt for a reliable piece of software.

  • Extra features. Do you want extra features like the option to annotate what you are doing, for instance when sharing a project or presentation? Or maybe you’re looking for a simple solution and want to mirror your screen without an app? Perhaps you want to be able to record the screen output onto your PC. Some software solutions will facilitate sharing and capture.

Best ways to mirror an iPhone to a PC

  1. LonelyScreen – simple screen mirroring
  2. AirDroid – simple USB screen mirroring
  3. AirPlay – quick screen sharing
  4. Video-conferencing tools (Zoom, Teams, and FaceTime) – cloud mirroring
  5. Reflector – mirroring multiple devices
  6. AirServer – screen mirroring
  7. AirParrot – best for screen mirroring an iPhone to a PC on multiple devices
  8. ApowerMirror – simple application control
  9. iTools – free iPhone tool suite


Now you know different option for screen-sharing from your iPad or iPhone. Just figure out your needs and then choose the most suitable solution.


Best for


Simple screen mirroring

Personal use: $14.95/year 

Business use: $29.95/year

Simple USB screen mirroring

From $19.99/year

Simple controls


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