7 Best Auto Video Editors: Automatic Video Editing Is a Trend!

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  • Automatic transitions mode

  • Presets for color adjustment

  • AI background removal

Comparison of automatic video editing apps

Anyone who records videos wants their productions to stand out and impress an audience. But not everyone has the enthusiasm or the time for learning how to edit videos. That's where the automatic video maker apps come in. They are simple to use and vastly reduce the time and work needed to produce and share quality videos with others.


Best for

Key features

Best automatic video editor for desktop users who demand pro-level videos they can share with the world

Auto-selects music and transitions, super quick auto video maker and one-click editing, ready-made intros

Novice users who want to create and share stunning videos with minimal learning

AI video maker, automatic stabilization, auto face and object detection, automatically selects video filters, auto-applies effects

Fast automatic video editing app for users on the move

Produces cinematic auto-edits, automatic highlight videos, auto-sync edits to music, one-tap video speed control, automatically applies themes and transitions, auto-uploads, automatic backups, exports auto-set set optimal quality

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Below are 7 of the current favorite auto video editors for all levels, both free and premium.

Movavi Video Editor: One of the best auto video editors for desktop

Movavi Video Editor is at the top of the list as the best automatic video editor for desktop users. All its tools are at your fingertips, so there's no digging around looking for stuff. Movavi's video-editing program has lots of automated creative effects. You get to choose from ready-made intros, keyframe animation, and various backgrounds.

The new user interface is easy, fast, and intuitive, and there’s almost nothing to learn. Thus, the Movavi Video Editor is an ideal choice for budding enthusiasts and expert videographers.

OS: Windows 7 and newer; Mac OS X 10.10 or higher.

Main features:

  • Auto-selects music and transitions
  • Super quick auto video maker and one-click editing
  • Ready-made intros
  • Special effects
  • A minimal learning curve, intuitive interface
  • Low system requirements
  • Free trial
  • Available for PC and Mac

Download Movavi Video Editor for Windows and Mac

Magisto: automatic video editor online

Magisto is a simple yet impressive auto video creator and editor. This AI (artificial intelligence) app and online editor can transform your video and photo memories into stories. It automatically curates your content so that you can easily share it with family and friends. Not only that, but your saved captured memories will live on and entertain others for generations to come.

OS: Windows 7 and newer, iOS 12.0 or later

Main features:

  • AI video maker and video editor
  • Automatic video stabilization
  • Auto face and object detection
  • Automatically selects video filters
  • Auto-applies effects
  • Automatic transition from photos and videos into memories

Go to the Magisto website

Quik: automatic video editing app

GoPro Quik puts automatic quality video creation at your fingertips, along with semi-automatic features and manual control. This automated video creator automatically syncs edits to the most appropriate music track. In addition, GoPro Quik applies themes and video transitions so that you don't have to. And the auto-upload and auto-backup functions save even more of your precious time.

OS: Android and iOS 13.0 or later, Windows 10

Main features:

  • Produces cinematic auto-edits
  • Automatic highlight videos
  • Auto-sync edits to the music
  • One-tap video speed control
  • Auto-Uploads
  • Automatic backups
  • Exports auto-set to optimal quality

Go to the Quik download page

Auto video maker by Adobe

Adobe® After Effects® lets you create videos to look exactly how you want them to. Best of all is the plethora of automated features to simplify the process. Some of those include auto adjustments for special effects, auto-orientation, auto-arrange layers, auto frame blending, and more. So, if animation and exciting visual effects are your things, this could be the editor for you.

OS: Windows 10 (64 bit) versions 1903 and later, macOS 10.14, 10.15, Big Sur 11.0, and later

Main features:

  • Automatically adjust video effects
  • Auto-orientation
  • Automatically arrange layers in a sequence
  • Automatic font syncing
  • Auto-enable frame blending
  • Auto-enable motion blur
  • Auto-center shape layer anchor points
  • Automate output to various formats
  • Autosaves

Go to Adobe® After Effects® download page

Wisecut: an online tool for auto video editing

Wisecut is automatic video editing software with powerful AI and voice recognition features. Even the novice video maker can create and post beautifully edited video content in minutes. Wisecut edits videos based on your preferences. Moreover, it auto-creates jump cuts, adds royalty-free background music, subtitles, and even translates into different languages.

OS: Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows

Main features:

  • Auto-cuts pauses within a video
  • Automatic audio ducking
  • Automatically tailors royalty-free music to videos
  • Auto-generated subtitles with 95% accuracy
  • Auto-translates videos into other languages
  • Auto punch in/out

Go to the Wisecut website

Auto video editor by muvee

Consider the muvee Reveal Encore if you want to create stunning videos automatically. It's a great choice if you're on a tight budget and have little time and no editing skills. This simple yet capable video editor gives you full customization as well as automatic features. Auto video editors don't get much easier than muvee Reveal Encore for Windows. However, this feature-packed automatic video creation app doesn't have a free version but does offer a 15-day free trial.

OS: Windows

Main features:

  • Automatically edits everything together
  • Auto-creates movies from photos and videos
  • Face-detection and motion-sensing
  • Automatically applies effects and transitions
  • Auto-applies caption fonts
  • Automatic zoom and crop
  • Auto-adds music to video (manual selection possible)
  • Automatic beat detection
  • Super easy-to-use interface
  • Easily share edited movies with family and friends

Go to the muvee Reveal Encore download page

LIFE2FILM automatic video editor

LIFE2FILM uses artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze videos, then it auto-selects the best moments. It's a decent web-based automatic editor if you want to create your videos online. LIFE2FILM doesn't have as many bells and whistles as some apps, but that's half its appeal. And all the essentials are built-in. You get auto video analysis and can create vids in any dimension, choose a template, add music, and so on.

OS: Web-based application

Main features:

  • AI analyzes videos to auto-select the best moments
  • Auto-creates videos in any dimension
  • Nothing to download (web-based)
  • Cinematic videos from a variety of templates
  • Simple to use at any level

Go to the LIFE2FILM website


All video editing software apps guarantee to take your productions to the next level. The 7 best video editors here offer automation for most essential tasks, but they're not all equal. Some are straightforward to use, while others are more complex but have extra automation and creative tools. It's wise to choose the free or free trial applications before you decide.

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