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How to Apply Blur Effects to a Video

Edited by Pat Bitton

July 23, 2019

Need to add motion blur to your footage to convey a sense of speed? Or maybe you want to know how to blur out a part of a video to disguise people’s faces or hide confidential information? Movavi Video Editor Plus can help! This intuitive video editing software lets you easily perform a variety of creative tasks to improve your videos. If you want to learn how to blur a video, download Movavi Video Editor Plus and read our quick guide below.

Install Movavi Video Editor Plus

Open the program file you’ve downloaded and follow the installation instructions. The video editing app will be ready to use in just a few moments.

Import Your Video

Click Add Media Files and choose the video file you want to blur. You can also drag and drop files from a folder right onto the Timeline at the bottom of the program window.

Add files to the blur video editor

Blur an Entire Video

To blur a video in the editor, first click the Filters tab and open the Blur category. You will see a collection of different blur filters. To add your preferred blur efffect, simply drag its icon onto the video on the Timeline.

To apply a basic video blur effect, choose Blur – mild or Blur – intense depending on the amount of blur you want to add.

Apply the appropriate effect to blur video

To add an artistic touch to your blurring, try the effects in the Bokeh blur series. You can choose different bokeh shapes: hearts, diamonds, flowers, etc. Experiment with different shapes and choose the ones that work best for your video.

Try the Bokeh blur effect for a video

If you want to make your video more dynamic, try the Motion blur. This filter will intensify the sensation of rapid movement in your footage. Remember that you can add multiple filters to one video clip, so experiment away!

Add the Motion blur filter to make the video more dynamic

Blur a Part of a Video

If you want to blur out only a part of your footage, select the target video clip on the Timeline, click the More tab and choose Highlight and Conceal.

Select the Highlight and Conceal option to blur a part of a video

Select Conceal in the drop-down list. Adjust and move the orange frame in the preview window so that it covers the object you want to blur (e.g., the face of a person). Then click the little Blur icon and move the Opacity slider to set the desired blur amount. To pixelate an area in your video, click the Pixels icon and adjust the Size slider. If you want to blur out multiple areas, click Add Mask and repeat the procedure.

When you’re satisfied with the result, click Apply.

Adjust the effect in the video editor blur tool

4. Export the Result

When you’ve finished applying the blurs, click the Export button. Choose the desired format and quality for your video and hit Start.

Finish blurring the video

As you can see, blurring videos with Movavi Video Editor Plus is as easy as 1-2-3!


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