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How to convert WAV to FLAC on Windows and Mac with Movavi

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WAV and FLAC are two of the most commonly used audio file formats in the digital world. Both offer high levels of audio quality and plenty of advantages, and if you're wondering how to convert WAV to FLAC, it's actually really easy. There are plenty of free WAV-to-FLAC converters out there, as well as premium desktop apps you can use for converting WAV to FLAC.

If you want to change the format of a single file, one of the best options is to convert WAV to FLAC online. For converting a batch of files, we recommend using a desktop program, such as Movavi Video Converter. It's really easy to set up and start using with the free trial. Below, we'll go over some simple step-by-step instructions you can follow to get going with this converter.

Step 1. Download and install Movavi's WAV-to-FLAC converter

The first step of the process is to download and install the program. You can download the WAV-to-FLAC converter’s free trial for your PC or Mac. Once the download is finished, run the file and follow the on-screen installation instructions to install your software.

Step 2. Add your files for conversion

Once the WAV-to-FLAC software has been installed, open the program and then click on Add Media in the top left corner. Choose Add audio and you'll then be able to browse your system for WAV files that you can convert to FLAC. You can choose one file or convert multiple files at the same time, thanks to Movavi's batch WAV-to-FLAC conversion feature.

Step 3. Select the output format

Once your files have loaded in, click on the Audio tab in the lower section of the screen. A series of file types will appear. Select FLAC and then pick a preset from the available list.

Step 4. Convert WAV to FLAC

Now, you're ready to convert your WAV files into FLAC format. Simply press the Save to button to pick a location for your new files to save, and then press the Convert button in the bottom right to begin the conversion process. That's it! Your files will then convert to FLAC and save in the chosen location, ready to be played, shared, used, and edited however you like.


Comparison parameter



File extension

.wav or .wave



IBM and Microsoft

Xiph.Org Foundation


Big, with no compression

Around 60% smaller than WAV, with lossless compression

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When it comes to WAV vs. FLAC, both of these file formats have clear advantages. WAV or WAVE is a great format due to its universal compatibility, as well as the fact that it's the standard audio format for CDs and most modern media. FLAC is a useful format due to the fact that it offers the same high levels of quality as WAV but in much smaller file sizes. Thanks to this guide, you now know how to convert between WAV and FLAC files (and WAVE to FLAC) whenever you need to. Just choose a suitable WAV-to-FLAC converter freeware available online or a desktop program that will work best for you.

Frequently asked questions

Is WAV better than FLAC?

Not necessarily. It depends on what factors you're looking at. WAV is better in the sense that it is not compressed and has the highest levels of quality, without any restrictions on bit-depth or bitrate. However, FLAC has the advantage of being smaller and easier to share or store on different devices.

How do I convert WAV to FLAC on Windows 10/8/7?

You can use Movavi Video Converter to convert WAV files to FLAC files on your Windows computer or laptop. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Movavi Video Converter for Windows.

    Download Movavi Video Converter for Windows

  2. Open the program and click Add Media to add the files you want to convert.

  3. Choose the FLAC output format and pick a place to save your new files.

  4. Then press the Convert button in the bottom right and wait for the conversion to complete.

What is the difference between WAV and FLAC?

WAV and FLAC are quite similar in terms of sound quality but have many differences. WAV is an older audio format and was made by Windows and IBM, while FLAC was released more recently and developed by the Xiph.Org Foundation. FLAC files are smaller, due to compression, but offer the same standards of audio performance as WAV files. FLAC is also open-source, while WAV is a protected, proprietary format.

How do I use FFmpeg for the WAV-to-FLAC conversion?

You can also use FFmpeg for WAV to FLAC conversions. Here are some simple steps to do so:

  1. Download and install FFmpeg to your device.

  2. Add the files you want to convert.

  3. Select the correct output (FLAC) to ensure that your files are converted correctly.

  4. Begin the conversion process.

Is WAV-to-FLAC a lossless conversion?

Yes, this is a lossless conversion process, so the sound quality of your WAV files will be preserved in FLAC format. The files will sound just as good, but they'll be smaller and therefore easier to share or store.

Can Audacity convert WAV to FLAC?

Yes, it is possible to use Audacity to convert from WAV to FLAC. Simply download and launch Audacity, drag and drop your WAV files into the window, then click File, Export, and Audio, before selecting FLAC.

How do I convert WAV to FLAC on a Mac?

You can use Movavi Video Converter to convert from WAV to FLAC on a Mac.

  1. Download the WAV-to-FLAC software from the official Movavi site.

  2. Launch the program and click Add Media to add your files.

  3. Choose Audio and then select FLAC.

  4. Press Save to, pick a save location and then click Convert.

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