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How to Convert SWF to AVI and Viсe Versa

Are you a fan of “Happy Tree Friends” or “Simon’s Cat”? There was a time when short comedic animated series like these “blew up” the Internet. Usually, watching these kinds of movies online causes no problems – you just need a special plug-in installed in your web browser. But if you want to watch them on your computer or mobile device in offline mode, you need to save those SWF files to your hard drive in an appropriate format, which is not always possible – at least in any obvious way. But don’t worry – we have the perfect solution for you!

To save SWF videos and change them to a more suitable format, just use Movavi Screen Capture. With this easy-to-use program, you can quickly and easily record Flash videos from any website and save them to your hard drive in any popular format: AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV or MKV. After conversion, you can transfer the videos to your mobile device and enjoy them anywhere, anytime!

The following tutorial will show you how to record a Flash video and save it in AVI format.

1. Install the Program

Download the application and launch the setup file. The guidelines on the screen will guide you through installing the software.

2. Prepare the Program for Video Recording

Launch the program and select Record screen in the launch window. Using your cursor, draw the capture frame over the video you want to record and adjust the frame size by dragging on its edges; alternatively, you can open the Capture Area list and choose one of the ready-made presets. If you want to record the video full screen, select the name of your monitor in the Full Screen section. To record the video with audio, make sure the System Audio icon is activated. If not, just click it once – it should turn green. To record your own voiceover, connect your microphone to your computer and activate the mike icon. Now you’re ready to start recording!

3. Record SWF Video

Click REC and the program will start recording after a five-second countdown. To manage the capture process, press the buttons on the program panel or use the hotkeys: if you are a Windows user, click F9 to pause the recording and F10 to stop. On a Mac, click ⌥ ⌘ 1 and ⌥ ⌘ 2 respectively.

4. Cut and Convert the Video to AVI

After you’ve finished recording, you can play the captured video back in the preview window. You can cut any unneeded parts out of the video: drag the marker on the timeline to the beginning of an unwanted segment and split the video using the scissors, mark the end point of the unwanted segment in the same way. Then click on the segment itself and use the trash can icon to delete it. Repeat this process for each segment you want to delete. Whether you chose to edit video or not, use the Save As button to export your video as an AVI file.

You will find the most popular preset for AVI format on the quick access panel in the export dialog. For other options, expand the More presets menu. If you want to convert the AVI file to SWF, just record your AVI video as described in steps 2 and 3 of this tutorial and choose SWF from the More presets menu. When you’ve chosen the desired format, click Save and your video will be all set in a few moments.

If you want to convert AVI to SWF, just record your AVI video as described in the steps 2 and 3 of this tutorial, and choose SWF from the More presets list. When the desired format has been chosen, click Save and your video will be ready in a few moments.

Converting Flash to AVI and AVI to Flash is easy with Movavi Screen Capture! You can also use the program to record any screen activity: online clips and movies, Skype video calls, software demonstrations, and more!

Movavi Screen Capture

The perfect way to record from your screen

  • Capture video from your computer screen
  • Grab sound from multiple sources
  • Save recordings without quality loss
  • Export videos in any popular format

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Capture does not allow capture of copy-protected
video and audio streams.

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