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Optimizing Your Mac

OS X is on the whole a very stable system. However, sooner or later, some performance problems may arise on your Mac. Macs often start to slow down when a large number of unnecessary files (system junk, temporary Internet files, etc.) accumulate on the hard drive and clog up your computer’s memory. In this case, optimizing your Mac is a good route to take. All you need is the right software to find all the junk files and carefully remove them, boosting your Mac’s performance.

We bring you the best Mac optimizer – Movavi Mac Cleaner! This program has all the professional tools you’ll need to quickly and easily get rid of the junk, increase your computer’s speed, and improve its stability. The program is compatible with any version of OS X (Mavericks, Yosemite, etc.) and will run on any Mac. So if your system is running slower than a snail, download our program and follow the guide below to optimize your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac in no time.

1. Install the Cleaner

Open the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions.

2. Check Your Mac’s Condition

Launch Mac Cleaner and wait for the program to scan your computer. After the scanning process is complete, the total number of unnecessary files will be displayed on the Status screen.

3. Clean up and Optimize Your Mac

You can quickly and automatically erase most of the junk by clicking Start Cleaning. This will remove all the unnecessary cache and log files hidden on your system and clean out the trash in one fell swoop. You can also automatically remove unneeded app localizations. Just click the Cogwheel button and check the appropriate box. To specify which language files to remove, click Choose languages.

If you prefer to do the cleaning manually, go to the System Cleanup menu on the left of the program window and choose the type of junk to remove by clicking the appropriate on/off switches. Click Detailed Results to specify individual files to delete. Finally, click Start Cleaning. Follow the same procedure to use the Trash Cleanup menu to empty all the trash bins on your Mac and reclaim all that disk space.

Another menu that will help you reclaim gigabytes of disk space and give your Mac more room to breathe is Large and Old Files. This option will show the total amount of disk space taken up by files you’ve probably forgotten about long ago. Check the boxes to choose the files to erase. When you’ve completed your selections, click Remove.

You can also improve your Mac’s performance by uninstalling applications you no longer use and removing any leftover files. The Uninstaller can help you with this. After scanning, choose the User Apps, OS X Apps and application Leftovers you would like to delete. When you’ve finished choosing, click Remove.

Our program’s intuitive interface will help even inexperienced users easily clean up their Macs. With Movavi Mac Cleaner, optimization of your computer is a simple, even an enjoyable task!

Movavi Mac Cleaner

The best cleanup tool for every Mac user!

  • Delete junk files to free up hard drive space
  • Completely uninstall unnecessary apps
  • Protect your Mac against cyberthreats
  • Speed up system performance

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