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Want to know how to uninstall apps on Mac?

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How to Delete Apps on Mac

Most of the time, uninstalling applications on a Mac is a very simple and intuitive process – you just drag the program icon to the Trash and empty it. However, this way of removing apps has two important drawbacks. First, it can leave behind files you’re unlikely to need in the future; these files accumulate over time and eventually take up a lot of space on your hard drive, impacting your Mac’s performance. Second, this method doesn’t work with some standard Mac OS X applications (Messages, Safari, etc.).

Below are several more effective ways to uninstall apps from Macs completely – including a really easy one – with the help of Movavi Mac Cleaner.

Removing Apps via LaunchPad

You can delete apps from the LaunchPad – this only works if you installed the apps through the Mac App Store.

Run the LaunchPad from your Dock. Click and hold on the icon of the undesired app until it starts to wiggle. Click the X icon that appears and then Delete to confirm. Empty the Trash to complete the process.

Going through the Applications Folder

You can also open a Finder window and go to the Applications option in the sidebar on the left-hand side. Select the icons for the apps you want off your Mac, click Move to Trash, and empty the Trash once you’re done.

However, this way you still leave unnecessary files on your computer. To completely remove the apps you no longer need, you have to find all the files associated with them – that involves searching through all the subfolders and manually picking the program icons one by one. See the next item for more details.

Deleting the Remaining Files Manually

The remaining files are in the Library folder that can be found in the folder with the user’s name. In the Library folder, locate and delete all the files associated with the unwanted application or containing its name. You can find these in the following folders:

/Library/Application Support/


/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins/


/Library/Application Support/CrashReporter/

/Library/Saved Application State/

Some system programs use the following folders for storing their files:





Please note that this is not the exhaustive list of the files as the users simply don’t have access to certain hidden folders. Also, be careful not to remove any system files. If you feel unsure, just download our program.

Using the Movavi App Deleter

The simplest way to get rid of unwanted apps is to install a powerful app uninstaller for Mac like Movavi Mac Cleaner. It will find and remove applications automatically, cause no harm to your computer, and delete junk files so your MacBook or iMac stays in good shape.

Download Movavi Mac Cleaner and read the steps below to learn how to remove apps from a Mac safely and without a trace.

1. Install the Software

Install the software by following the on-screen instructions.

2. Start the Cleanup

Launch the program. The junk remover will immediately scan the computer automatically for unnecessary cache and log files that can be safely deleted. If you’d like to remove these, click Start Cleaning. If not, just move on to the next step.

3. Uninstall User Applications

Open the Uninstaller menu on the left. To delete applications you’ve installed yourself or standard programs, click User Apps or OS X Apps, respectively. Locate the unwanted apps in the list, check the boxes next to the appropriate icons, and hit Remove.

4. Remove the Remaining Junk Files

Go to the Leftovers tab if you want to remove any remaining unnecessary files left on your Mac by the programs you uninstalled earlier. The removal procedure is the same as described above – find an application, check the box, and click Remove.

Now you know how to uninstall applications on your Mac in the safest and easiest way possible. Movavi Mac Cleaner will help you keep your Mac clean and performing at its best!

Movavi Mac Cleaner

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