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How to Uninstall Programs on a Mac

Uninstalling apps from a Mac is usually a very straightforward process. Unlike Windows, there is no separate uninstaller in Mac OS X; to delete an app you just need to drag its icon to the Trash (or press Cmd + Backspace) and then empty the Trash. However, there are situations in which this method is not enough. First, applications uninstalled this way frequently leave behind unwanted files that accumulate on your hard disk, using valuable storage space and slowing your computer down. Second, certain pre-installed Mac OS applications (like iTunes, Safari, etc.) can’t be deleted this way. To deal with both these situations, we recommend you uninstall software on a Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner – it’s an effective and safe junk cleaner and app removal tool. To learn how to completely uninstall Mac software using Movavi Mac Cleaner, refer to our guide below.

Step 1: Install the App Remover

Download Mac Cleaner, open the installation file and follow the instructions on your screen.

Step 2: Review the Overall Condition of Your Mac

When it’s first launched, Mac Cleaner will do a quick check of your hard drive and show you the total number of junk files (unnecessary cache and log files that can be safely deleted) on your computer. If you want, you can click Start Cleaning to delete these files and free up disk space right away. If you’re not interested in removing junk files at this time, simply move on to the next step.

Step 3: Completely Uninstall Applications

Go to the Uninstaller menu and wait for Mac Cleaner to find all the applications on your Mac. Once it’s done, you will see three submenus above the list of apps: User Apps, OS X Apps, and Leftovers.

To remove unneeded applications that you have installed yourself, click User Apps, locate the programs, check the boxes next to the icons in the list for the programs you want to uninstall and click Remove.

If, for some reason, you want to uninstall pre-installed applications (e.g. iTunes, Safari, or Mail), go to the OS X Apps submenu. The uninstall procedure is the same as for User Apps above.

As we already mentioned, after you uninstall an application it can leave behind support files (like caches and preferences) that you most probably will never need. To remove these files click Leftovers and follow the same steps as noted above; just check the relevant boxes and click Remove.

Completely deleting applications with Movavi Mac Cleaner is safe, fast, and easy!

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