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Movavi Mac Cleaner vs. IObit MacBooster Review

MacBooster from IObit is popular product for cleaning up Mac computers, and offers good functionality for its class. However, there is a better alternative – at a lower price – Mac Cleaner from Movavi. It has a similar feature set, but it’s cheaper, safer and more user-friendly. To help you decide if it’s right for you, we’ve prepared a short “Mac Cleaner vs. MacBooster” review using the following comparison criteria:

Note: we used Mac Cleaner 2.2 and the standard version of MacBooster 3.1.0 for our review.

1.User Interface

Mac Cleaner’s interface is more intuitive and easier to use than that of IObit MacBooster

Both interfaces are stylish and user-friendly, so you can easily get used to either of them. However, MacBooster’s settings are quite complicated, and some of the options are hidden deep in the interface, which can lead to confusion for the user.

For example, the System Cleanup feature in MacBooster doesn’t work until you place checkmarks against the appropriate options in the settings window:

Mac Cleaner lets you search for junk files right away, without your having to fiddle with complicated settings. All necessary cleaning parameters are in the main window, so you can change them quickly:

MacBooster has one more small but irritating disadvantage: the font used for the menu items and buttons is very small, which can be uncomfortable for some users. All in all, Mac Cleaner’s design seems to be clearer and more intuitive thanks to a more legible interface and the absence of complicated settings.

2.Cleaning, optimization, and protection of your Mac

Both Mac Cleaner and MacBooster include the most essential options for cleaning

MacBooster and Mac Cleaner have quite similar functionality, offering users a number of cleaning options and tools: system cleanup, finding duplicates, deleting large files, uninstalling applications, etc. In the table below, you’ll see the main features of both programs compared.

Comparison parametersIObit MacBooster 3.1.0Movavi Mac Cleaner 2.2
Cleaning cache and log files++
Deleting large and old files++
Removing unused languages++
Deleting duplicate files++
Trash cleanup++
Uninstalling user apps++
Uninstalling system apps++
Shredding files++
Startup optimization++
Virus protection++


Cleaning is safe with Mac Cleaner: remove system apps without harming
the computer’s operation

Safety is crucial when you clean system applications, as deleting some can cause your computer to not work correctly. In MacBooster, the Uninstaller tab is presented as a single list containing both user and system apps, so it’s easy to delete important programs inadvertently. In Mac Cleaner, the user and system apps are placed in different lists, and key programs are not available for cleaning at all, which makes the whole operation much safer.

Movavi Mac Cleaner
IObit MacBooster


Both programs provide good support; Movavi has an advantage – live chat

Whether you’re an experienced user or trying a program for the first time, you never know when you might need some help. It’s easily available from IObit and Movavi, as both offer users professional technical support. Mac Cleaner’s main advantage here is a live chat option that lets you ask any questions about the program any time.

Comparison parametersIObit MacBooster 3.1.0Movavi Mac Cleaner 2.2
Live chat-+
Community (Facebook and others)++


Mac Cleaner offers the same functionality for less money

The standard license for IObit MacBooster 3 costs $59.95, making it more expensive than Mac Cleaner, which offers a special 40% discount, bringing the price down to $39.95. MacBooster is available in a lite version at $39.95, but this lacks many of the functions (see the table below) included in Mac Cleaner.

Movavi Mac Cleaner$39.95
IObit MacBooster (standard version)$59.95
IObit MacBooster (lite version)
Check missing features
  • Full system clean
  • System optimization
  • Virus protection
  • Full-time support

Mac Cleaner’s affordable price means you don’t need to spend time looking for keygens, cracks and other illegal and unsafe ways to get quality software. You can buy this program once and use it for a lifetime.

6.Trial limitations

You can try all Mac Cleaner’s features for free

The big problem with MacBooster is that it doesn’t have a usable trial, so you can’t try all its features unless you buy a license key. Mac Cleaner is more flexible: you don’t have to activate it immediately to start cleaning your computer. You can try out all its main features before buying the activation code – just download a free trial.

If you need reliable software for removing junk from your Mac, Movavi Mac Cleaner is the perfect choice. Here are just a few of the reasons to choose it over MacBooster:

  • It’s cheaper while being equally functional
  • It’s safer for deleting system apps
  • It’s simpler to use
  • You can try it before purchasing

To learn more about Movavi Mac Cleaner, please visit our product page.

Movavi Mac Cleaner works with Mac OS X 10.7 or higher and is suitable for all Mac models: MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro.

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