How to Use Photo Movie Makers

To create a video from photos, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and launch Movavi Video Editor.

  2. Add your photos to the picture video maker.

  3. Add filters, transitions, titles, and music.

  4. Save your video.

By clicking the download button, you're downloading a free version of the program.*

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In this guide, we explore how to make a video with pictures using your device or laptop. There are a number of ways to turn pictures into videos, and you may just need a simple free download to get started. Turning an image to a video can be useful for creating a slideshow or even for making content for YouTube and other video apps. Some devices even come with a photo video maker that you can use for your photographs.


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Create a video from photos with Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is a quick and easy-to-learn program that will help you create stunning movies using only photos! Don’t be afraid of making a movie, it’s really easy with Movavi Video Editor and doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge. This photo movie maker will automatically convert images to video and guide you through the whole process one step at a time.

Just download Movavi Video Editor and follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to convert your photos to a video.

Step 1. Download Movavi Video Editor

Install the photo video maker and start creating your movie with pictures, photos, and music right away.

Step 2. Add your photos to the picture video maker

Launch the photo video maker and click the Add Files button. Now select the files you want to use. The photos will appear in the Media Bin. Drag and drop them into the Video Track.

Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the files you want to use to the working area right from the folder in which they’re stored. Once you’ve added your media files, place them in the order you want them to appear in the finished video.

Step 3. Add filters

To add exciting filters to your photos, just click the Filters tab. Choose the filter you prefer and drag it to the photo you want to use it with. Once you’ve done that, the filter will be automatically applied to the photo. You can apply multiple filters from different categories to one image.

To remove a filter from a photo, click the star button on the photo, choose the filter you want to delete, and press Remove. Now you can apply another filter or leave it as it is.

Step 4. Add animated transitions

To add transitions between all your clips in one pass, just click the special button with a picture of mountains that’s above the timeline. In the dialogue box that appears, choose the transition style you want to use and set the duration. You can also set the slide duration in the same window.

If you want to review all the available transitions, open the Transitions tab and drag your selections to the appropriate positions on the timeline. For more information, read our guide on adding transitions.

Step 5. Jazz up your video with subtitles and music

You can also add subtitles to your movie to give some context to the images and show why they’re special for you. Open the Titles tab, choose the title style you want to use, and drag it to the Titles Track.

To add text and edit the title, double-click it; the selected caption will appear in the preview window, where you can enter your text, change the color and style, and more. To save the changes, click the Apply button in the upper right corner of the preview window. You can learn more about this aspect of the video editor by reading the appropriate section in the user guide about adding subtitles to a video.

Once you’ve finished adding titles, return to the Import tab and click Add Files to select a suitable song or instrumental music for your movie, or drag a sound file from the folder where it's stored onto the Audio Track, which is identified with a musical notation. For more information, check the user guide section on adding music to your video.

Step 6. Save your video

When everything is ready, save your file. Click Export and choose the appropriate option for what you want to do with the video. Select the Save Video File tab if you’re planning to watch your video on a computer. If you want to transfer the file to a mobile device, open the appropriate tab to save for Apple, Android, or another device. You can also upload your video directly to YouTube or Google Drive – to do this, click Upload online. Now choose the required video preset or an output format, and specify the filename and folder. Finally, click Start. That’s all there is to it – creating a video from pictures has never been easier!

Now you know how to turn photos into a video in no time. Have a go and see how fast this powerful pic video maker is! Create video from pictures and share the best moments of your life with your friends in your blog or on Facebook and other social networks.

How to make a video with pictures online

If you want to convert images to a video in your browser, you may consider Fastreel as a good option. Fastreel has been made as an image-to-video converter. You can simply upload your photos as JPG or a variety of other digital image files, and it will turn them into a slideshow or video for you to use as you please.

Besides being able to combine clips together, there are options to add music and make some basic edits within the newly made video.

How to use Fastreel to create a video from photos

  1. Upload files to the app. Click and drag the JPEG, PNG, or GIF images you want to turn into a video. You can also add movie files such as MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, and WMV files up to a maximum of 500 MB.

  2. Set the transition type and the frame display duration. To create a video with music, choose the soundtrack from the free audio collection or upload your own audio file. You can also add text if required.

  3. Export the video. When you’re ready to save the sequence, click Continue. Pick one of the save formatting options from the next menu and click Save. This is how you can transform photos to video online.

How to convert an image to a video with Google Photos

Google has offered an amazing way to organize and store your photos for a number of years now. Google Photos is one of the most simple and straightforward methods anyone can use to make a video from photos on your computer or on pretty much any device. As well as working on your PC, you can install the Google Photos app on your iPhone or Android device. It is quick and easy, and you can access pics from all of your devices.

How to make a video with pictures on a PC

  1. Open Google Photos. You can head to the Google Photos website and log in with your Google account. This allows you to see the images saved across your devices.

    Proceed to the Google Photos website

  2. Create a movie project. You can do this by clicking Utilities on the left menu, and then Create new, where you will find the option to start a movie project to make a video with photos.

  3. Select the photos. You are then prompted to select the photos that you want to make a video out of. Choose the relevant pics from your account and click Done. The video will be generated.

How to make a video with pictures on an Android device

Please note that some older Android devices may not allow you to make a video from your Google Photos app.

  1. Download and install the app, then open the Google Photos app and sign into your account.

    Download Google Photos

  2. Create a new movie project. At the bottom of the screen, tap Library and then Utilities. Next, you can select the Create new section and tap Movie.

  3. You can now select the photos or short video clips you want to use to turn them into a video. Tap create to start to combine them together. When you are finished, tap Save in order to generate the movie.

  4. Select a theme for your video. You can tap the movie theme you want and follow instructions to add a different style. Tap Play when you are ready to watch the video.

How to make a video with pictures on an iOS device

  1. Download and install the app on your iPhone or iOS device. Open the Google Photos app. You can then log in to your Google Account.

    Download Google Photos

  2. At the bottom, tap Library and then Utilities. You can then choose to make a New Movie under the Utilities menu.

  3. Select the footage. First, select your photos or videos. Then at the top right, tap Create. The video will be generated on your iPhone or iPad.

  4. Save the video, and choose if you wish to use a theme. You can tap Play to watch the video clip once it is ready, and even use some basic tools to add music and edit the video before uploading to YouTube or using it elsewhere.

There are many ways to create video from photos using editing apps or powerful video software, but you can also use simple apps and image-to-video converters to create videos and even add certain effects and media such as short video clips and music. You can then send your video onwards or even upload it online.

Movavi Video Editor

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*The free version of Movavi Video Editor may have the following restrictions depending on the build: watermark on exported clips, 60-second video or 1/2 audio length limit, and/or some advanced features unavailable when exporting videos.

Movavi Video Editor
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