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Movavi Video Converter as a Faster Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate Alternative

Edited by Movavi Content Team

March 20, 2020

Xilisoft Video Converter gets a decent amount of praise from software magazines and is quite popular on the web. But is there a good alternative to this tool? To find out, let’s compare the app’s version that’s free to download with an equivalent program of the same price category – Movavi Video Converter.

In this Movavi Video Converter vs. Xilisoft Video Converter review, we’ll look at the apps’ strong and weak points in terms of:

User Interface

Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 7

Movavi Video Converter 19

Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 7

Movavi Video Converter 19

The look and feel of the interface in both products is very intuitive and user-friendly. No previous knowledge of video-editing software is required – everything is as standard as it can get.


The converting capabilities of the products are also largely similar, but with a few crucial differences. See the full list in the table:

FunctionalityXilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 7Movavi Video Converter 19
Support for most input media formats
Support for most output media formats
Support for most portable and fixed devices
Automatic device detection
No quality loss conversion (“SuperSpeed”)
NVIDIA® CUDA acceleration
NVIDIA® NVENC acceleration
NVIDIA® NVDEC acceleration
Intel® HD Graphics acceleration
AMD® hardware acceleration
Image-to-video conversion
Video-to-GIF conversion

Both the Xilisoft and Movavi apps can handle dozens of video and audio formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, Xvid, MP3, M4A, WMA, AAC, and others, for a range of mobile devices such as iOS- and Android-based phones and tablets as well as gaming platforms like Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and PSP. Both programs can be used as an efficient HD video converter and a DVD ripper. However, Movavi is definitely the more efficient of the two as it processes conversions up to 15 times faster than its competitor, with zero quality loss conversion thanks to the SuperSpeed mode, and supports Intel® HD Graphics and AMD® acceleration. It also lets you automatically select the appropriate preset for any device you connect to your computer.

See a detailed comparison of conversion speed in both programs below:

Editing Features

A comparison of the editing options also favors Movavi Video Converter. The details are shown below:

FunctionalityXilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 7Movavi Video Converter 19
Cutting clips
Joining clips
Footage adjustment (crop, flip, and rotate; adjust color)
Cutting multiple fragments with frame-by-frame precision
Stabilizing footage
Audio adjustment
Audio extraction
Audio removal
Adding subtitles
Adding watermarks
Adding effects
Making snapshots

Most features, as you can see, are present in both programs – including those enabling you to cut, join, and rotate your videos, adjust the color settings, extract music or sounds, add subtitles and watermarks, and make snapshots. Movavi’s software, though, adds the important abilities to adjust the sound level and stabilize the effects of camera shake. The former will be helpful when working with amateur material shot in places with poor acoustics, while the latter is great for editing extreme sports videos or vlogs filmed on the go.

Help and Support

User support is also important when it comes to this kind of product, and here there are some some points of divergence:

FunctionalityXilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 7Movavi Video Converter 19
FAQs and how-tos
Video guides and manuals
Live chat

If you want to learn how to use the programs and their specific features, you will find most of the information you need via FAQs and how-tos provided on the companies’ respective websites. However, you will likely get more answers from the Movavi site thanks to the online video guides and manuals that are regularly updated to reflect the latest program versions and patches. What’s more, Movavi offers a live chat service that can directly link you to the support team specialists for the fastest help possible.


Video Converter Ultimate 7

Video Converter 19



Getting Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 7 for $41.97 will help you save a few dollars, which may seem a good deal. But adding just a few dollars will get you an overall better and faster program with an extended functionality and better technical support.

At the end of the day, it is for you to decide what converter to choose. This review is only aimed at helping you make your decision. Just note that Movavi does everything Xilisoft does and more, enabling you to:

  • Convert videos up to 15 times faster
  • Use SuperSpeed mode for instantaneous zero quality loss conversion
  • Automatically select the appropriate preset for your device
  • Stabilize footage and adjust audio
  • Get access to more help and support options

Just download Movavi Video Converter and try out its many features. The 7-day trial version is free; for the full version you will need a serial number.

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