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Convert any video file from 2d to 3d with our software

Convert 2D to 3D: files, DVD, HD

Once the preserve of Hollywood studios and Japanese TV makers, 3D is now heading for your home at a price you can afford! If 3D movies and camcorders are still way beyond your budget, fear not; you can convert 2D SD and HD formats and DVD to striking 3D with Movavi’s 2D to 3D Converter without breaking the bank.

Convert 2d to 3d with Movavi to watch in 3d glasses

Watch in 3D glasses that work for you

3D can be idiosyncratic. While your neighbor in a movie theater is gasping at how realistic the picture is, you are left cold. Why? Because of the wrong 3D glasses! To watch 3D video made by Movavi software, you can choose any 3D glasses that work for you: NVIDIA’s shutter, or anaglyph.

Convert 2d to 3d for your mobile device with Movavi 3d converter

Make 3D to watch on the go – 3D video for mobile devices

3D is everywhere. It’s no longer limited to the movie industry, top-of-the-line LED TVs, and game companies; mobile computing vendors like HTC and LG are experimenting with adding 3D to their smartphones and tablets. Get one step ahead – convert 2D movies to 3D for your smartphone using ready-made Movavi presets.

Immediate 3d conversion with Movavi software

Convert in no time using NVIDIA and Intel technologies

Together with Intel® Media and NVIDIA® CUDA™, Movavi’s 2D to 3D Converter saves you time. Now you can blaze through 3D conversion with technology that really rocks. Movavi’s 2D to 3D video converter uses all the power of your Intel® multi-core processors and NVIDIA® CUDA™ GPUs to give you a significant performance boost.

Convert 3D video your way with our software

Convert 2D to 3D video your way

3D Depth, Shift, and Perspective are the parameters that create the magic of 3D 'volume' to 2D videos. Experiment with different values to get the optimum depth perception without detracting from the picture with muddied colors or blurred images.

Preview 3D effects of Movavi 2d to 3d converter in real time

Preview 2D to 3D effects in real time

The real-time preview shows your custom-designed stereo and anaglyph 3D videos. Your clip in the preview window changes the moment you change the mode or parameter value. Now you can see far more than the conventional planar 2D video viewer can offer.

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*Disclaimer Please be aware that Movavi Video Converter 3D does not allow to convert copy protected videos and DVDs.

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