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You can also try an alternative – Movavi Screen Recorder:

  • Easy to use
  • Grabs high-quality audio and video
  • Can edit and share your footage
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Should you try out ScreenRec for your next screen recording project? In this complete ScreenRec review, we’ll walk you through all of the features of the program, plus pros, cons, alternatives, and everything you need to know to choose the best screen recorder for your needs.

What is ScreenRec?

So, what is ScreenRec? ScreenRec bills itself as a productivity tool, essentially allowing people to be more productive through the ability to quickly record and share video and audio messages and presentations. The software is free and available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Features of this software include screen recording, webcam recording, and the ability to capture system audio and audio from a microphone. Along with screen recording features, ScreenRec also includes capabilities to create annotated screenshots, share videos instantly online, analytics, and content management.


  • Screen recordings are instantly shareable via URL

  • Free recording and downloading

  • Sharing links are encrypted for security and privacy


  • Five-minute recording limit until users create a ScreenRec account

  • No video-editing capabilities

  • Annotation toolbar is unintuitive and can be difficult to use

ScreenRec for a PC: Overview

If you’re considering using ScreenRec for a PC, you’ll want to know what to expect from the user interface, features, and the overall user experience. In some ways, this software is very robust – especially if you’re using it with your team as a productivity tool. However, as a video creation tool, it lacks some key features and capabilities. Let’s walk through the basics of using ScreenRec software to help you get a better idea of the platform as a whole.

Interface and features

Overall, the interface is clean and easy to use. Recording your screen with ScreenRec video recorder is as simple as a single click. Once you sign up for a free ScreenRec account, you can record, download, and share unlimited videos with no watermarks and no cost. With that in mind, many users have reported issues with getting the screen annotations feature to work right. The annotation toolbar is not intuitive and can be difficult to use. Likewise, if you’re looking for a complete video creation tool, ScreenRec may disappoint you. It doesn’t include any editing tools aside from adding annotations. So, if you want to create videos that are more polished than a quick screen grab and voice-over, you’ll need to use separate editing software.

User experience

Users who only want to share information with their teams or create quick videos will enjoy the simplicity of ScreenRec’s UX. It allows you to record with a single click, and sharing videos via an encrypted URL is safe and easy. Finding the right settings for annotations can be difficult, and making polished videos can be a challenge without video editing features.

Video editing

As we’ve mentioned above, ScreenRec’s video editing capabilities are limited. You can add annotations to your screenshots and recordings, but this is the only real editing capability included with the app. As you consider this, it might be helpful to remember that ScreenRec screen recorder is marketed as a productivity tool, not a video creation tool. Its major strengths are in its ease of use and the ability to create useful videos on the go.


When people see that ScreenRec is free with no watermark, they often wonder, is ScreenRec safe to use? While this is a fair question, ScreenRec seems to put a high emphasis on security and privacy. Unlike some other free software, it’s a legit program and won’t download with a virus or malware. And, with its focus on privacy, sharing is easy and quick. Along with the ability to download videos, you can also store them in the cloud and share them with the audience of your choice via an encrypted link.


ScreenRec performs fairly well for a screen recorder intended for productivity rather than video production. It’s easy to navigate, records quickly and easily, and sharing is available instantly. Rendering doesn’t take much time, and users can communicate complicated ideas to each other much faster via videos than they could in a series of emails.

Video and audio quality

ScreenRec offers decent video and audio quality. It records in HD, and system audio capture is excellent. However, your mileage may vary with microphone audio, as this will depend a great deal on the type of microphone you use.

ScreenRec software use cases

So, is ScreenRec good? That depends on how you’ll be using it. Let’s explore a few of the most common ways people use this software. These use cases might help you decide if it’s the right screen recorder for you.

Collaborative design projects – If you’ve ever worked on a visual project in a team, you know that communication can get tricky. How do you describe the changes you want to make in an email? Plus, if someone’s having trouble finding a tool or function in their design software, a quick video will often help them figure it out a lot faster than a lengthy email or even a call.

Online customer support – Customer support teams can’t always take over customers’ desktops to fix problems. At the same time, talking a user through what they need to do to fix an issue can be a big challenge, especially in chat. Instead, with ScreenRec screen recorder, customer support teams can send quick video links to show the exact steps a user needs to take to address their problems.

Onboarding new employees – Training videos are often easier to understand and engage with than instruction. They’re also more efficient than dedicating staff time to teaching newly hired employees all that they’ll need to know to get started. ScreenRec makes it easy to share these videos, and with encrypted links, it’s easy to ensure that sensitive information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Enhanced sales presentations – These days, a lot of sales calls are done remotely. Instead of boring customers and prospects with endless slide decks, why not create more fun and engaging content with video footage of your screen and webcam? You can also send quick, custom videos instead of email responses. This kind of multimedia approach to sales can help your organization stand out.

Project management – Project managers have to keep a lot of balls in the air. They need to ensure that all tasks are not only properly assigned, but that all team members understand their roles, responsibilities, deadlines, and processes for getting help when needed. Creating a few quick videos can help streamline this process and keep everyone on track throughout the project.

How to use the ScreenRec video recorder

  1. Download and install ScreenRec on your computer.
    Download ScreenRec

  2. Open the program and press Alt + S to create a capture window.

  3. Adjust the size of your capture window and hit the Record button at the bottom of the recording area.

  4. When you’re done, click the Stop button, and you’ll receive a secure link to view and share your video. You can also download your video and create a gallery of screen recordings on your local computer.

ScreenRec screen recorder alternative: Movavi Screen Recorder

Comparison parameter


Movavi Screen Recorder

Webcam recording

Social media direct upload

Live drawing features

Screen annotations

Video-editing tools

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Movavi Screen Recorder is an attractive alternative to ScreenRec for many users. Along with the convenience of easily creating screen recordings and video recordings of your webcam, Movavi also includes basic video-editing tools. With editing functionality, screen recordings made in Movavi can be polished and made ready for any audience – without the need for any additional video-editing software.

Key features:

  • Save everything you need from your screen in high resolution
  • Customize webcam overlay parameters – choose the preview shape, change its position and size
  • Show what you type and click to create easy-to-follow tutorials and explainers
  • Draw attention to important things by adding notes, shapes, and figures on videos while recording
  • Schedule recording of meetings and live events you don’t want to miss and watch your saved videos later

In conclusion: Tips for choosing the best screen recorder

ScreenRec is safe to download and easy to use, but is it the right screen recording software for your next video project? Here are a few tips to help make your decision a little easier:

  • Consider the user interface. While ScreenRec is fairly simple and easy to use, some users have had difficulty with the annotation feature. Plus, ScreenRec only has one option for choosing a screen capture area, while software like Movavi Screen Recorder allows you to choose a custom area, a single application, or the full screen.

  • List all of the features you’ll need. Make a list of the features you’ll need for your finished video projects. How many of them does ScreenRec include? Would another program suit your needs better to get the job done without using multiple applications?

  • Keep your budget in mind. ScreenRec is free, which makes it good for many users’ budgets. You might think that you can’t beat that kind of pricing, but if you need to make edits after you record your video, you might end up spending money on more software anyway. You may find it more cost-effective to make a single purchase for a program that does everything you need.

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