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  • Add media files to the program
  • Split video into parts, delete unwanted segments
  • Apply artistic effects to videos and photos
  • Join fragments with smooth transitions

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  • 4K video support

  • A wide variety of editing effects

  • A library of filters and other features

  • 4K video support

  • A wide variety of editing effects

  • A library of filters

  • Video enhancement of up to 4K quality

  • Can eliminate noise, adjust volume, and stabilize shaky video

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Sometimes you might come across a video with great content, but the quality just doesn't cut it. Or you might create your own video, but your ability to capture high-quality video is limited. Maybe you have a large DVD collection you've treasured for years, but you want to be able to watch your favorite movies in higher quality without the need to purchase Blu-ray versions.

In any case, you might be wondering if it's possible to improve the quality of your videos without the need to be a professional editor. Thankfully, there are plenty of video quality enhancers out there that you can use to improve nearly any type of video.


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Special pick: Movavi Video Editor

For an easy-to-use and reliable video enhancing software that can serve as a solid alternative to professional software, Movavi Video Editor is one of the best options available. It features a user-friendly interface and can enable you to easily improve video quality while editing videos. There are also many other features available that can make the editing process truly enjoyable.


  • 4K video support

  • A wide variety of editing effects including slow motion, reverse, and chroma key

  • A library of filters and other features to enhance video quality

OS compatibility: Mac and Windows


  • Very easy to use with a user-friendly interface

  • Can edit videos and complete projects within 20 minutes

  • Plenty of features to help you enhance your videos


  • Trial version is available for 7 days only

Find the best software to improve video quality

The following is our list of the best video enhancement software you'll find to turn those low-quality videos into HD presentations. Keep in mind that we aren't ranking these programs in any particular order – each of them is great to use depending on your specific video enhancing needs.


If you own a Mac, you may not even need to download a video quality enhancer app to begin editing and enhancing your videos. iMovie makes it easy to quickly improve video quality with a decent selection of editing features. iMovie also supports 4K videos, which you can then share on various platforms including Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook.


  • A variety of editing features to add visual effects and more

  • 4K support with the ability to quickly upload to YouTube and other platforms

  • Use various filters, record audio, or trim to enhance video quality

OS compatibility: macOS and iOS


  • 4K video support

  • Comes with a selection of basic editing features to make the process easy

  • Can share videos to social media and YouTube upon export


  • Lacks a lot of features included with paid software

Download iMovie

Aiseesoft Video Editor


Aiseesoft is a paid video quality enhancement program that's ideal for resolution upscaling or watching high-definition videos. It's pretty bare-bones compared to other software, but it's useful for transcoding or simply watching HD videos.


  • Video enhancement of up to 4K quality

  • Supports many video and audio files

  • Can eliminate noise, adjust volume, and stabilize shaky video

  • Basic video editing features

OS compatibility: Mac and Windows


  • Can enhance videos up to 4K

  • Convert video and audio to many formats

  • Can edit videos with editing features such as crop, trim, rotate, and flip

  • Ability to adjust brightness, hue, color, and saturation


  • Doesn't include a wide selection of professional-grade editing features

Download Aiseesoft Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is another reliable software to improve video quality, with stylish editing features that can make it easy to enhance video quality. If you're in need of something simple to quickly improve video quality, this is a good tool, but you'll need to purchase the full version to make use of all of its features.


  • A selection of video editing tools

  • Shaky video stabilization

  • Audio filter to improve sound quality

OS compatibility: Mac and Windows


  • Ability to enhance videos and audio, with color correction

  • Eliminate excess noise

  • Stabilize shaky videos

  • Several editing features are available


  • Freeware version leaves a watermark on videos and limits editing features

  • A bit slow upload speed

  • No 360-degree video compatibility

Download Filmora Video Editor

FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate

Looking for a more powerful program to enhance video quality? FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate makes it easy to convert and enhance your videos with plenty of features. It supports many file formats and is fast, with the conversion taking as little as a few minutes.


  • Supports many file formats with a CUDA-enabled graphics card that prevents quality loss

  • Can convert to mobile-ready file formats

  • Fast conversion rate

  • 3D to 2D conversion

OS compatibility: Mac and Windows


  • Fast conversion speed

  • Add 3D effects to videos

  • Works with many video formats

  • Can add watermarks


  • Interface only supports one skin

  • Paid version is needed to access many features

Download FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate

Forensic Video Cleaner

Forensic Video Cleaner is recognized as the best video enhancement software among forensic experts and law enforcement agencies. It's also a great consumer product that can help enhance videos by recovering additional details that might be lost from the original video.


  • VHD recording repair

  • Bad frame removal

  • Improve image quality via resolution

  • Ability to stabilize shaky cameras

  • Change color, artifacts, hotspots, and brightness levels

OS compatibility: Windows


  • Can repair VHD recordings and remove bad frames to improve video quality

  • Upscale videos using an increased resolution

  • Stabilize shaky cam footage

  • Easy to adjust aspects of videos to further enhance quality


  • Enhancement can take some time to complete

  • Isn't the most accessible software for novice users

Download Forensic Video Cleaner


For one of the best video enhancer programs that many filmmakers and videographers use, Lightworks is another ideal option. It's easy to use to make simple and quick edits and enhance video quality, which helps prepare your videos for sharing on social media and streaming platforms.


  • Video quality enhancement to HD, Full HD, 2K, and 4K

  • Supports Adobe After Effect plugin

  • Chroma key, video routing, and effect keyframe features

OS compatibility: Mac, Windows, and Linux


  • Can enhance video quality up to 4K

  • Plenty of editing features to enhance video quality, including video routing, fusion competitor, color LUTs, and Adobe After Effect plugin support

  • Works with multiple monitors

  • Simple drag-and-drop content management system


  • Can be difficult to use for beginners

Download Lightworks

Windows Movie Maker (for Windows 7 users)

If you own a Windows computer, you can use the Windows Movie Maker program as a simple means to improve video quality. It includes basic editing tools and doesn't require Windows users to download additional software.


  • Basic editing features to improve videos

  • Ability to share on YouTube

  • Add video tracks, trim videos, and modify audio

OS compatibility: Windows


  • Can create new videos and upload videos to YouTube

  • Basic editing features including effects, transitions, titles, and captions

  • Trim or add video tracks, and adjust audio tracks


  • Limited features

  • Discontinued upgrades

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is among the best software to improve video quality for a number of reasons. It's easy to use, and it's also fast and responsive when enhancing videos. Users also have access to thousands of editing features, including transitions and much more. While it's not the cheapest option, there are several versions available depending on your specific needs.


  • Thousands of video editing effects, transitions, and other options

  • Optimal stability and speed for enhancing video quality

  • A variety of versions depending on the user's preferences

OS compatibility: Windows


  • Many versions available based on what you need

  • High-speed enhancement and conversion

  • A wide variety of video editing options including transitions and effects


  • Windows exclusive

Download Pinnacle Studio

Corel VideoStudio Pro

Corel VideoStudio Pro is easy to use for beginners and stands out as one of the more powerful tools available. In fact, you can use it to create 360-degree videos and stop-motion animations in addition to conventional high-quality 4K videos.


  • Library of over 1,500 visual effects to enhance videos

  • Supports up to 4K video quality

  • Lens Correction tools to improve video quality

OS compatibility: Windows


  • Can create 360-degree videos and use it for stop-motion

  • 4K video quality support

  • Thousands of video editing features, including Lens Correction tools


  • Windows exclusive

  • Limited timeline tracks

  • Lack of audio editing features

Download Corel VideoStudio Pro

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X might be pricy, but it's worth it if you want a premium video enhancing software that can give you everything you need to improve video quality. It's nonlinear, which means you can freely arrange all kinds of media in the timeline. If you're in need of professional software, Final Cut Pro X is likely to meet or exceed your expectations.


  • Supports many file formats

  • Non-linear timeline for fewer limitations

  • Color enhancement

  • 360-degree video support, along with 360-degree effects and graphics

OS compatibility: Mac


  • A wide range of features to improve video quality

  • The non-linear format gives you more options when editing

  • 360-degree video support


  • Can be demanding and push your OS to its limits

  • Not accessible for novice users

  • Mac exclusive

Download Final Cut Pro X

Vegas Pro

Another expensive option that includes many features that professionals love is Vegas Pro. Quality and efficiency are both infused in Vegas Pro to give you everything you need to improve video quality and accomplish much more.


  • A wide variety of powerful editing tools

  • High processing speed without any quality loss

  • Crop OFX and Picture-in-Picture plugins that enable multi-image overlay within a single frame

  • Blue FX Filter 5 Ultimate package includes 26 effects for color correction and light adjustment

OS compatibility: Windows


  • Large number of features to help enhance videos

  • Plugin support to enable color and light adjustment, along with many other capabilities

  • Balance of speed and quality when editing videos


  • Windows exclusive

  • Can be expensive for some

Download Vegas Pro

All of this reliable video-editing enhancing software is great to use if you want to improve the quality of your videos. Give Movavi Video Editor a try today to see if it's the right tool for you.

Movavi Video Editor

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*The free version of Movavi Video Editor may have the following restrictions depending on the build: watermark on exported clips, 60-second video or 1/2 audio length limit, and/or some advanced features unavailable when exporting videos.

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