How to Reduce JPEG File Size

How to compress JPEG files? Use Movavi Photo Batch!

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How to Reduce JPEG File Size

This tutorial covers Movavi Photo Batch for Windows.
If you use a Mac, download Movavi Photo Editor for Mac

Even if you’re using a smartphone to take photos, your pictures will still take up to 3 or 4 MB each; and photos from a digital camera may be even larger, depending on the format and resolution. Uploading a large number of big JPEG files to a social network, using them on your website (which will then take forever to load) or even keeping them all on your computer can get very cumbersome. The easiest way to avoid such issues is by compressing JPEG files for online sharing or web upload. And you can always copy the original pictures to an external storage drive if you want to keep them for future use.

Download Movavi Photo Batch – great JPEG compression software that will help you process multiple JPEG files at once. Follow our tutorial below to learn how to do it quickly and easily!

Step 1: Install Movavi Photo Batch

Download Movavi’s image compressor from our website and run the installation file.

Step 2: Add the JPEG files you want to compress

Hit the Files button in the upper left corner of the interface to open Windows Explorer and choose the files you want to compress individually; you can use the Ctrl and Shift keys to select multiple photos. Use the Folder button to add entire folders to the program and work with whole photo albums at once. You can also add JPEG files by simply dragging and dropping them into the working area.

Since you cannot preview the output file size before saving images, we recommend you add and compress a couple of test photos first to determine which settings produce the most satisfying quality/file size ratio and then process the rest of the batch using the same settings.

Step 3: Set JPEG Quality and Image Size

Even though fully lossless JPEG compression is impossible, you can still achieve a good compression rate without lowering the quality of the output image too much. There are two ways to compress file size: by reducing JPEG quality or by lowering the image resolution, i.e. reducing the number of pixels in the image. Using a combination of the two usually yields the best results.

To lower JPEG quality, switch to the Format & Quality section using the menu on the right side of the interface. If some of the files you added to the compression tool are not JPEGs, select JPEG from the list of output formats first. Then set the desired JPEG Quality using the slider below the format list. Note that lowering the quality too much will inevitably result in pixelation and overall loss of quality. Reducing the JPEG quality to 80% is usually enough to lower the file size significantly without overly impacting quality.

If you want to further reduce the size of your image files, lower the image resolution. Open the Resize tab and choose a resize method from the drop-down list. You can scale all your images down to a specified height or width; define the maximum size into which all images will be fitted, leaving smaller images at their original size; scale all images to a specified size while maintaining their aspect ratio; or set a custom size for all of your images, ignoring proportions. If the specific dimensions are not important, use the Scale by percentage option. If you’re planning to use the pictures on your website, you may want to set the same height or width for all images, using the respective options.

Step 4: Export Compressed JPEG Files

Saving compressed images is very easy: just click the Batch Export button in the lower right corner of the interface to open the export options menu and choose the desired option. You can save the compressed JPEGs to a new folder, to the original folder and back up the originals, replace the originals, or rename the exported files and save them alongside the originals in the same folder.

Movavi Photo Batch

  • Resize entire photo albums at once
  • Change image format in bulk
  • Batch-rename image files
  • Auto-enhance quality of multiple photos
  • Work with all popular image formats

Movavi Photo Editor

  • Improve image quality
  • Remove objects, replace backrounds
  • Add filters and captions
  • Retouch faces and add makeup
  • Crop, rotate, flip, and resize images

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