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How to remove date stamps from photos

Looking for a photo stamp remover? Try Movavi Photo Editor!

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How to Remove a Date Stamp or Another Text from a Picture

Today’s cameras sometimes add the exact date and time a picture was taken to your digital photos. Yes, you can turn the feature off, but if you forget, wouldn’t you like to have a way to easily remove a date stamp from a photo? All you need is the right software. Movavi Photo Editor is the way to go when you need to remove any text from your images.

Learn how to delete date stamps, captions and any other unwanted element from photos with Movavi Photo Editor. This step-by-step guide applies to both the Windows and Mac versions of the software – all you need to do is download and install the version you need and follow the instructions below.

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Step 1: Launch the program and add your photo

Step 1 - Start using Movavi photo stamp remover

Start the program, click Browse for Images to open the file you want to clean up using Windows Explorer, or Finder if you’re using a Mac. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the picture into the program’s editing area.

Step 2: Mark and erase the date stamp or caption

Step 2 - Mark and remove date stamp from a photo

Open the Object Removal menu and paint over the date or text with the Brush tool. The more precisely you highlight the element, the better the result will be. You can use the Magic Wand to make selection even easier. Next, click Start Erasing to remove the date stamp. Apply the Stamp tool to get rid of any remaining imperfections if necessary. You can erase any text, caption, or even a small watermark from photos this way, provided that they don’t cover a large or important area of the image.

Step 3: Save the edited picture

Step 3 - Remove text from picture and save the result

Apply the changes to your photo: click the Export button to save the cleaned-up image. Choose the name for your image and one of the many available formats: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or any other popular format.

And there you have it – all you need to know about successful date stamp removal!

Movavi Photo Editor

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