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How to Optimize Pictures

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How to Optimize Pictures

If you regularly upload photos to social networks or your own website / blog, or if you just have a load of pictures on your hard drive, you really need to compress and resize (or optimize) those images. Photo optimisation will ensure faster load times for a picture or an entire webpage, and save you a lot of storage space. If you’re optimizing multiple images at one time, we recommend you use Movavi Photo Batch. It will easily compress, resize and even convert multiple pictures into any popular image format. Just download Photo Batch and read the following guide to learn how to optimize your pictures.

Step 1: Install the Software

Open the executable file and follow the instructions on your screen.

Step 2: Add Files to the Photo Optimizer

Step 2: Add Files to the Photo Optimizer

Launch the program and drag the pictures you want to optimize into the program window, or add them by clicking Files and selecting them. To add an entire folder, just click Folder.

Step 3: Compress Images

Step 3: Compress Images

Converting images to JPEG is probably the most popular method of compression, since it dramatically reduces the size of the file while retaining good picture quality. Don’t worry if your files are already in JPEG – you can compress them even further by reducing the quality a little. To compress your pictures, go to the Format and Quality tab on the right and open the Output format list. Choose JPEG and drag the slider below to specify the appropriate quality. Setting the quality at 70-80% is usually enough to reduce the file size significantly and avoid pixelation and other visual flaws.

Step 4: Resize Images

If you need to scale your images to a specific size, click the Resize tab, open the Resize mode list, and choose the appropriate option (note that all the methods listed retain the original image proportions, with the exception of Custom size):

Step 4: Resize Images
  • To set a specific height or width for all images, pick Scale to height or Scale to width as appropriate and specify the desired value.
  • If the specific number of pixels is not important, use the Scale by percentage option.
  • To scale all images to a specific size, choose Scale to size. To do the same thing but leave smaller images at their original size, pick Maximum size.
  • If you need to resize an image to specific dimensions without keeping the aspect ratio, choose Custom size.

Step 5: Save the Optimized Images

Step 5: Save the Optimized Images

Click Batch Export and choose one of the saving options. You can save the optimized files to a new directory, export them to the source folder and back up the originals, replace the originals, or rename the optimized images and save them alongside the source files. Click OK when you’ve chosen your desired option.

Now you know how to optimize images for web and email with Movavi Photo Batch!

Movavi Photo Batch

  • Resize entire photo albums at once
  • Change image format in bulk
  • Batch-rename image files
  • Auto-enhance quality of multiple photos
  • Work with all popular image formats

Movavi Photo Studio

  • Improve image quality
  • Add filters and captions
  • Crop, rotate, flip, and resize images
  • Batch-process images: resize, enhance, convert
  • Create colorful slideshows with music and fades

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