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Photo greeting cards

Want to make your own card? Try Movavi Photo Editor!

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How to Create Photo Greeting Cards

Have you ever tried to make your own postcards? It’s really easy and fun – all you need are your favorite photos and good card design software. Movavi Photo Editor is a handy tool that will help you design your own birthday card, Mother’s Day card, personalized Christmas cards, and much more. You’ll feel like a professional card creator: just choose the photo you’d like to use as background, add an appropriate caption, apply atmospheric effects, and give a unique handmade postcard to your favorite people.

To learn how to make personalized greeting cards, just download the Windows or Mac version of Movavi Photo Editor, read the short guide below – and prepare for a burst of creativity!

Download Photo Editor for WindowsDownload Photo Editor for Mac

Step 1: Install the Program

Run the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Run Photo Editor and Upload Your Picture

Run Photo Editor and Upload Your Picture

Launch the program. Click Browse for Images and select the image for your new card. You can also drag the file you want from its folder to the program’s working area.

Step 3: Get Creative with Special Effects and Editing Tools

Get Creative with Special Effects and Editing Tools

To give your card that special something, you can add atmospheric effects. Open the Effects tab and try some of the options. The Textures category is perfect for creating a magical feeling: try soft Bokeh, shiny Night lights and Stars, romantic Hearts, stylish Metal, or Water and Sunshine to remind the recipient of summer. Other categories include Classic, Artistic, and Color Filters. You’re sure to find what you need!

Magic Enhance

Experimenting with visual parameters can also produce interesting effects: just open the Adjust tab and play around with different sliders. To improve colors automatically, click the special Magic Enhance button.

Background Removal

If you want to make something funny and out-of-the-ordinary, you can change the background of your card. With Movavi Photo Editor, it’s incredibly easy. First, open the Background Removal tab and use the green brush to mark the object or person you want to keep on your card. Then mark the original background with the red brush and click Set New Background. Now you can choose the image for your new background by clicking Image File. You can read more information on changing the backdrop here.

Step 4: Add Some Text

Add Some Text

If you’re making a birthday card or any other kind of greeting card, you’ll likely want to add a special title to it. To caption your image, open the Text tab and click the Add Text button. Type your text inside the frame over the image. You can add as many blocks of text as you want. Now edit your text as you want: choose the font, adjust the size, color, alignment, opacity, and more. Experiment with different toolbar controls and be amazed by the results!

Step 5: Save the Result

Save the Result

When your card is ready, it’s time to save it. Click Export in the lower right corner and specify the folder for saving, filename, and format. Click Save.

Movavi Photo Editor is more than the perfect card maker.

Movavi Photo Editor

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