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Looking for the best photo manipulation software?
Try Movavi Photo Editor

  • Enhance quality, adjust colors
  • Apply amazing effects and filters
  • Remove unwanted objects, replace backgrounds
  • Resize, rotate, crop, and flip your photos.
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Image Manipulation Software You'll Love

Magic Enhance

Turn your everyday photos into stunning shots quickly and easily with Movavi Photo Editor – a handy program that offers a wide range of editing options to dramatically improve your photos: resize, crop, add text, adjust colors, apply special effects, and much more! Give it a try and you’ll have a lot of creative fun, even if you’re a newcomer to photo editing.

Windows version
Mac version

Movavi Photo Editor will bring your creative ideas to life with the help of a wide range of powerful tools

Color Adjustment

With our program, you can improve image colors in the blink of an eye by clicking the Magic Enhance button – it will calculate the best brightness and contrast level for your photo automatically. You can also adjust many of the color parameters manually to give your photo that perfect look.

Artistic Effects and Filters

Take a look at the extensive collection of special effects and filters, then decide which fits your photo best – there are 120+ effects to choose from. Easily transform your photos into oil paintings, pencil drawings, old-fashioned black-and-white pictures and much more.

Makeup and Retouching

Transform ordinary portraits into fashion snapshots using digital makeup tools and blemish fixers! Remove skin imperfections, get rid of the pesky red-eye effect, and whiten your teeth. Now you are ready for beauty experiments: apply lip tints, blushes, eyeshadows, and mascara to complete your new look.

Framing Tools

Use our image manipulation software to rotate your photos in 90-degree increments. Flip your image vertically or horizontally, straighten a tilted horizon line with the help of the Level Tool. Crop your picture to focus the viewer’s attention on anything you want.


Create beautiful and memorable postcards by adding text overlays to your photos. Adjust text size, color, transparency, rotation angle, and more. You can use any font that’s installed on your computer.

Object Removal

More editing power than you’ve ever had! The ultimate Object Removal tool lets you delete unwanted trees, wires, skin blemishes, and even random people from your photos. Try it yourself to see how easy it is!

Background Removal

Сut out elements from a photo from their original background and place them on a different one. You can even leave the transparent background or choose any color to paint it as a solid.


Download Movavi Photo Editor and bring your photo collection to life!

Windows version
Mac version

Want to learn more about Photo Editor? Check out our product pages for Windows or Mac users.

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