The Secret Behind Movavi

“Our goal is to make every user happy.”

Sergei Pavlishin, CEO of Movavi

Fun fact: Long ago, in 2004, Movavi was just a typical startup with a few people. We could hardly imagine it’d become a multinational company with over 400 employees and more than 20 software applications under its belt.

We create products that are easy for anyone to use, no matter their age or experience. Our software is available for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS and used by people in about 200 countries.

These achievements are due largely to something that has always helped and continues to help us tick – our values. We pursue simplicity in everything around us, in each and every aspect of our work and play. We keep a close eye on new trends that arise in the IT world and are always ready for change. We work in well-honed teams, listen to each other, and take everyone’s opinion into account.

We also listen closely to the people who choose our software – our users. It’s for them we keep creating new and better solutions, and it’s thanks to their feedback that we succeed in doing so. To make our users’ work and life easier, we conduct usability tests, polish our software, and experiment with different approaches. We strive to quickly chart an appropriate course for our company and our customers in today’s fast-moving world and offer only the best and most relevant technology solutions.

When people ask me how we do this, my answer is that we simply have the same goal as our users. We want to make them happy. That’s pretty much the whole secret.