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Edited by Nataly Bogorad

January 13, 2020

The Best Audio-Editing Software

Sound-editing software is on the increase due to modern advancement in technology and the better use of the computer to make innovations that solve our daily needs. Audio editing software is helpful for a host of reasons, either it is professional, fun, or to complete a task. It is essential to select an app that can cover all editing necessity without the fear of damage or spending above your budget.

Below is a list of the best audio-editing software that meets the day-to-day requirements for editing video sounds and audio files in different MP3, MP4, and other notable formats. Our selection is based on some parameters like popularity, effectiveness, noise reduction prowess, special effects production, and editors reviews to mention but a few.

Best Audio Editors


The latest upgraded Acoustica is highly useful for altering audio files and mastering of tapes, its compatible with both the Mac and Windows Operating System. You can choose from the two available packages namely, the Premium Editor package and a Free Editor Package. The fee plan also contains all tools necessary to complete an editing action but lacks only a few unique features. It is not surprising that the software contains some astute plug-ins that make transfers between Acoustics and Pro tools very fast during file processing.

Terrific Analysis and Processing Tools

The software uses a host of modern tools for analysis of different kinds such as spectrum, wavelet, and spectrogram analysis. Its processing tool is also highly useful in producing chorus and reverb effects. Users can develop an array of audio processors for future use.

Combined File Editing

Cut the stress of working on individual tracks just set instructions that encompass multiple tracks in real-time when mixing. Loops, send level, pan, automate volume from the available tools vis-à-vis, time-stretching of tracks from a different record timeline.

Superb Sound Restoration and Quality

The sound quality after editing is superb and void of impaired and unwanted background noise, movement, clicks, and missing high-frequency contents. These are because of the 32-bit audio restoration and sampling rate that is up to 384 kHz. It records multiple channels up to 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound.

FL Studio

FL Studio is also known as Fruity Loops is a creation of image-line software BVBV over twenty years ago. The product is arguably one of the most popular Digital Audio Work Station (DAW) and sound creation software of the decade. It is versatile to create a sound from scratch and edit it with incredible, mind-blowing tools to get the desired output on Widows and Mac OS. Every tool for creation of sound is on the software; it can create, mix, edit, master arrange and transport files.

Numerous Plug-ins

Over eighty plug-ins are available on the Producer edition and have numerous effects at your disposal. You can perform the tasks of an experienced producer with compressions, equalization filters, text to speech, reverb, phasing, and more amazing features that add quality to the production.

Standard Mixer

Master vocal tracts with ease with the use of the fantastic options to improve the quality of production. The software arguably has all the modern mixing tools available on other software like the sidechain control, advanced automation, plug-in delay, and the effect chain, etc.

Numerous Instruments and FX

FL Studio contains many instruments that are peculiar to different regions of the world to meet with the demands of production for various cultures and people. Therefore so you can easily create a beat from anywhere. If you are not satisfied with the options some 3rd party plug-ins works just fine.

Adobe Audition CC

Adobe Audition CC is a professional audio-editing software and another successful product of the Adobe franchise. The workstation can mix, make, and design incredible sound effects from scratch to finish without complications. Work and save on the cloud features to keep files safe and reduce the risk of losing important files during the production and post-production phase. Users can also remix created sounds or added effects to meet their requirements. In short, the software is top quality and very useful if chosen.

Application Support

Adobe Audition workstation supports other application so that users can transfer and add to the quality of production with the support of compatible software like the Adobe Stock and Motion Graphics Templates without exiting the software for another.

Complete Creation and Editing Tools

Create and edit audio files like podcast and tutorial tracks with the remarkable Adobe tools to enjoy a better sound quality and professional production with little technical know-how. All the needed tools are available on the easy interface to aid a comfortable work experience and time conservation.

Get Hired

Relate with other users from around the world on the community platform and explore the latest trends and developments to brush up your Adobe creation skills and share on a creative community like Behance so that others can access it. You can get a job if your production is fantastic.

Amadeus Pro

Amadeus Pro is like the Swiss Knife of the sound editing software. Execute numerous tasks with remarkable accuracy by just a few clicks, from multiple track editing to batch processing and the highly effective Repair Centre. The software has necessary tools for bulk processing of files. Select files and set commands that apply to all the tracks without mistakes. Users can edit, normalize, crossfade and repair files and recordings from a lousy recording.

Multiple Tracks Processing

Achieve more result by converting multiple files across different format at once by setting track instructions instead of wasting valuable time to perform the task one after another. You can also set the software to fade in and out and perform other sound effects and sequences.

Diverse Batch Processing Options

There are diverse supported formats with the software, namely Wave, AIFF, MP4, M4a, QuickTime, FLAC, Mp2, ACC, and Apple Lossless. Metadata is not affected after conversion to a preferred format; all information's of the tracks such as artist name, album cover and others do not change after the alteration.

Sound Effect and Analysis Functions

Fully supported advanced functions of a sound editor are available on the app. You can easily use the spectrum analysis tool and pedagogical tools to analyze the physics and composition of sounds vis-a-vis conduction of perfect wavelength statistics with ease.


Soundation is an online platform that brings music lovers from around the world to create, share edit, and get their creations across the borders of their country. The website has millions of frequent users and offers a top-class users experience, through its amazing tools and fluid users interactions from forums and community. A novice can become a professional by sampling other peoples works and reading how to perform tasks in the best possible ways.

Free and Premium Account

Create a free or premium account to get started. The free account processes the features of standard editing software to create good sounds without limitations. However, the premium package contains extra tools to enhance user experience further. Either of both packages is enough to complete an editing task.


Join the community of music lovers and sound producers to meet highly talented artists and producers that are willing also to build a profile in the music industry. You can become a star, get a collaboration, and record deals if your materials are good enough for the Interested party.

Web Usage

Access numerous sounds, effects, plug-ins, and other amazing tools in thousands from your web browser without the need to download software. Create, modify, and perfect an audio track in the best way possible on this platform. Register with a web browser and begin working like a professional.

Magix Sound Forge Audio Cleaning Lab

Magic Sound Forge Audio Cleaning Lab is professional software that prides among the best restoration, digitization, and cleaning software around. It is a 64-bit innovation with VTS 3 interface which offers an array of preset functions by just a few clicks. The interface is simple, and the set of commands can be of use by just a few clicks. You can rely on the software for suggestions of audio contents that needs fixing or enhancing to a more modern model when available.

Advanced Automatic Cleaning Tool

The software helps even without you doing much or knowing that your sound files are faulty. The automatic cleaning tool automatically scans your audio files and recommends problems and the best way to fix it. This feature can also be through a manually modified means.

Audio Recording and CD Transfer

Copy audio files easily from CDs and cassette tapes at a breakneck speed of up to 96 kHz/24- bit resolution without losing essential information like title, genre, etc. Therefore you won't lose your favorite podcast or albums. Missing details are gotten automatically online.

Presets and Innovative Special Effect Editing

Gain control of outstanding effects to add to an audio file and also alter unwanted sounds from your files by using the commendable parameters available on the software. You can quickly get rid of unwanted background noise and omit bad sounds with the 360 presets.


Join the free, open-source platform developed by some professional sound-expert volunteers to benefit from the numerous free, editing tools that are capable of solving your audio- related tasks from start to finish without a glitch. Audacity works well on Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac Is X and other modern operating systems. It is free to use and void of viruses and malware, unlike other free software due to constant updates by the developers and feedbacks from numerous users.

Free Software

Developers of the app had the primary mindset of allowing everyone to edit their works without having to pay for the service. Donations are acceptable from users to further improve the app, so no amount of donation is too small or big.

Sound Quality and Effects

The software improves low quality sounds to a better quality with the use of dithering, resampling tools, splitters, and equalizers. Users are rest assured to always get quality audio output with special effects like LADSPA, VST, LV2 whenever they use the application.

Easy Editing

An easy interface helps makes editing less complicated on a PC. Edit your audio materials easily, cut, paste, copy, and delete unwanted parts accurately without having to watch a YouTube tutorial before you correctly do it. Everything you need is placed right before you, and it is a few clicks away.

We hope the article is useful in answering your questions about audio editing and giving you a better understanding of the right software for you. If you need further assistance with an editor for your video files, you can try Movavi Video Suite for the best video-editing experience. With this program, you can edit videos, convert media files, record your screen, and much more!


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