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Edited by Nataly Bogorad

January 13, 2020

Best Photo-Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

Do you love taking breathtaking photos? Who doesn’t!

Photography has come a long way. From the era where the archaic traditional black and white effect was king to today where there are a ton of effects, transitions, layers and stickers to light up any photograph. It is amazing how much can be done with just your Android or iPhone.

Before now, grabbing stunning shots would require you to purchase one of the high-end cameras or patronize a pro photographer. Well, that ship has sailed. Today, anyone can click astounding photos with just about any device.

However, we can’t argue that, although most devices come equipped with a camera and some editing features, you will need a hand to take your photo experience to the next level.

And that is exactly what these phenomenal picture-editing apps do for you. These photography apps were expertly designed to help with the manipulation of any photograph, irrespective of the location or device it was taken with.

Whether you are a brand looking to put out some great pictures of your goods or services or a photo lover like many of us, who would go the extra mile to create attention-grabbing pictures, rest assured our unbiased review of the best photo-editing apps for Android and iPhone got you covered.

What are good photo editing apps today? Let’s find out!

Top 15 Free Photo-Editing Apps for Every Photo Lover

PicsArt Photo Studio

Like most applications in this review, PicsArt is packed full with a ton of basic and advanced editing tools, perfect for all your photo editing needs. Also, it comes with a sharing option, making it easy to display your amazing work right away. As one of the most celebrated face editing apps, PicsArt comes equipped with several amazing features, useful in drawing, creating collage, and editing photos. The built-in camera with live effect also comes in handy when you need to create stunning pictures on the go. Have you heard of the magical 3M community stickers? Yes, it has that too. Indeed, “PicsArt’s got everything you need”.

Fotor Photo Editor

For a great tool to enhance your photos just before uploading them online, Fotor is the guy for the job. This revolutionary photo editor comes with several design options, allowing users to create, edit, and make collages of different designs. From standard photo editing tools to portrait retouching and advanced photo effects, you can always count on this free photo enhancer to work the magic. For no price whatsoever, you are given access to countless pretty stickers, hundreds of fonts, and a truckload of design tools. To make your artistic dream even better, Fotor Photo Editor is prepacked with a guide to help you make the most out of the app.


AirBrush comes with a ton of impressive features that make it arguably the best free photo-editing app out there. Thanks to the hundreds of effects and filters built in this app, photo lovers can now boast flattering photos without necessarily paying a fortune to pro photographers. For no price at all, AirBrush provides you with uninterrupted access to an inventory of retouch tools, cool filters, top notch blemish removal, and a complete makeup kit. It is simply amazing!


Toolwiz is one of the popular photo editing applications known for its powerful editing tools and features. The free photo editor boasts over 200 amazing features that allow you to do so much more than just removing blemish or changing filters. Toolwiz contains face swapping features, magic art filters, red eye removal, face rater, and special tools for selfies. Despite having such a sophisticated array of features, the app is ridiculously easy to use and very responsive. You shouldn’t have a problem navigating your way through the app. Check it out!

YouCam Perfect

Good news Android and iPhone users, there is a special app designed to help you take your photo editing skills to the next level. Are you looking to edit your picture to be more flattering and extremely irresistible? Great! You’ve found the best photo editor app for you - YouCam Perfect. This app contains plenty of advanced and standard editing tools such as vignette, HDR effects, blur, body slimmer, face reshaper, multi-face detection, eye bag remover, smile, object remover, etc. There is something for everyone here.

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Photo Lab

Do you want to create flattering pictures from the comfort of your home just with your mobile phone? Good news, Photo Lab brings the answer to your fingertips – literally. This photo editing buddy contains one of the largest inventory of editing tools, filters, effects, and stickers. In addition to that, it provides you with the opportunity to explore your artistic skills. You can totally create, mix or stitch your own effects. Put your photo editing skills to test in this lab. Did we mention it comes in both a free and paid version? Yes, it does. So, you can try out the free version before putting your money on it.

Adobe Lightroom

Any list of awe-inspiring free photo editing apps will be incomplete without stating the awesomeness packed into this full-fledged photo editor. One of its many kill-for features include the long exposures and matchless filters merged into its native camera. Adobe indeed took the time to create a one-stop app that allows you to capture “amazing photos anywhere you are.” As an icing to the cake, Adobe Lightroom is equipped with a cloud-based service to allow easy access anywhere, anytime, and on any synced device. Yes, you not only edit and organize your photos, but you also get the chance to store and share your photos across any platform. Even better, Adobe gives users the opportunity to enjoy its wealth of photo-editing tools and filters for free. However, you will need to opt for the paid version enjoy easy access anywhere via the cloud-based service.


VSCO has won many photo lovers over with its peerless array of astonishing photo editing tools and filters. Besides being easy to use, VSCO supply you with everything you need to create and edit your photos like a pro. Whatever your needs are, you sure want to “make it with VSCO.” The photo editor comes in two remarkable packages – Free and Membership. With the free version, you are entitled to basic VSCO presets, standard editing tools, and a feature dubbed ‘Content in Discover,’ which allows you to explore the community spotlights and inspiring contents. While the membership package gives you easy access to the complete VSCO preset library of over 130 features, film emulation presets that allows you to recreate vintage film looks, video coloring for transforming your videos on any mobile, and a lot of other advanced photo editing tools.

Afterlight 2

Although not totally free, Afterlight 2 comes as a one-time purchase app that paves the way to a world of unlimited possibilities. This photo-editing software works perfectly on Apple operating system. So, the party is open to everyone. Dubbed the most powerful, full featured photo editor, Afterlight 2 dare to answer all your photo editing needs. Here, you will find an extensive library of natural filters & powerful editing tools and full RAW support. There is also a provision for an extension, which gives users access to unlimited editing features on the Apple Photo App. As if that is not enough, you get to enjoy the rare opportunity of creating your own filters. Yes, your own unique filters.


With about 29 distinctive editing tools and filters, Snapseed has made a name for itself among the best photo editing apps on the market. The app, which is designed to cater to the photo editing needs of iPhone and Android users, currently boasts a wide range of exotic editing features including popular basic and advanced tools. You can crop, rotate, adjust, straighten, change filters, add frames, blur photos, sharpen, and do a whole lot with this entry-level photo editor. It is absolutely your best pick for beginners looking to explore the length and breadth of iPhone cameras.

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Prisma Photo Editor

Ever felt like turning your portraits or photos into drawings or paintings? If you answered yes to that, we strongly believe Prisma Photo Editor may be the face editing app for you. The multi-purpose photo editor comes with several amazing options and filters to suit your artistic dreams. With Prisma, you can do so much more than just fix your photos. You get to enjoy the opportunity to turn your photos into art. With over 300 filters and editing tools, you are sure to meet all your photo needs here. Give it a try!


Foodie is one of the top rated apps for foodies out there. We can’t argue that we get to take pictures of our food sometimes. It could be while on a vacation or maybe visiting a new restaurant or even trying out a new meal at home. We’ve all been in the position where we just had to grab some shots of a mouth-watering meal. And that is where Foodie comes in. The app was designed with moments like this in mind. You will find several filters and effects tailored for editing food photographs. Thankfully, it is totally free and works perfectly on both iOS and Android. So, you are good to go.

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Enlight Photofox

Do you want to explore the limits of the wonders you can create with your iPhone? Enlight may be the app you have been searching for. This wonderful photography correction app is very easy and fun to use. Enlight gives you total control over a truckload of features and tools including textures, frames, tones, borders, colors, styles, effects, and a bunch of others. With this iPhone-only editing app, I bet “you’ll never believe what you can create on iPhone.” Note it will set you back a few dollars though. But that is just token for a never-ending artistic journey. Worth it!


Tap into your inner artistic spirit with a picture editing app offers a plethora of tools and filters to cater to your artistic taste. TouchRetouch is undoubtedly your go-to app for everything from removing objects and lines in a photo to quick photo editing and repair. True, most apps offer these unique features, however, we can’t dispute the fact that an app created solely for this purpose tends to do the job so a lot better. If you want a flawless photo and need a great app to remove blemish, spots, and the like, then TouchRetouch is your guy for the job.


So, you have some photos on your iPad and are thinking of the best way to improve the photos before sharing with your friends on the gram? Good thing you stopped by! Over the years, Mextures has proven to be one of the best photo correction apps for iPads. If your pick is a great color blended with a cool filter to create a masterpiece of your portraits, Mextures is definitely a great choice. Here, you can enjoy a large array of textures, layers, effects, light leaks, and so much more. Not for free though. You may have to pay a few bucks and make some in-app purchases. But overall, it is a great tool to explore with.

Creating stunning images has never been easier. With these photo editors, you can totally create irresistible photos and drawings of yourself without spending a fortune. Also, you can count on them to help you scale up your photo editing skills too. Just amazing! If you’re looking for a desktop app, try using Movavi Photo Editor. This photo beautifying app allows users to retouch portraits, remove unwanted objects, enhance image quality, make colors pop and lots more. The answer to all your photo editing needs in a single app!

Movavi Photo Editor

The easiest way to turn any snapshot into an eye candy

  • Improve quality and retouch blemishes
  • Add effects and filters
  • Crop, straighten, and flip pictures
  • Change image backgrounds and remove objects