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How to Make a Video From PowerPoint Presentation

This tutorial is about creating videos from PowerPoint presentations.
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PowerPoint is still a popular tool to add a graphical element to speeches, business projects, and thesis presentations. But the PPT format requires that the viewer has a Windows PC with PowerPoint installed, which is not always convenient. And if you don’t have access to a PC with PowerPoint, things can get pretty complicated.

Movavi has an easy solution for this problem – a tiny application that converts PowerPoint presentations to popular video formats. Simply add your PPT file to the software and save the presentation as a video file in one of a number of widely used multimedia formats to get the PowerPoint video: AVI, MKV, WMV, and MP4 for PCs and mobile devices, 3GP for viewing on a cell phone, MOV for Mac computers, FLV, WebM and OGV for uploading to the web, MPEG for burning to DVD.

Download Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter to create a video presentation from a PPT yourself. Making a video presentation is easier than you think – just follow the simple instructions below!

Step 1: Install PowerPoint to Video Converter

Open the downloaded .exe file. You will see the Installation Wizard with its familiar instructions. Follow them to complete the installation process.

Step 2: Add a Presentation to the Program

Step 2 - Add Your Presentation to Movavi Video Presentation Maker

Click Browse near the Presentation file field and locate the PPT file you want to convert. Change the Destination folder below if you want to save the output video to a different location.

Step 3: Specify the Presentation Settings

Step 3 - Specify the Presentation Settings

In the Presentation settings tab, you can choose the resolution of the output video file, as well as the mode and the speed of slide transitions, in the Advance slides menu below. You can configure the settings manually, specify an automatic transition every few seconds, or keep the original timing set in the PowerPoint file itself.

Step 4 (optional): Record an Audio Track

Step 4 - Record an Audio Track

The Movavi program enables you to add a soundtrack to your presentation video. Switch to the Audio Settings tab, and choose the Audio source that you want to use. If you choose your computer’s speakers, the program will capture the sounds that play on your PC while recording the PowerPoint file to video. If you choose the microphone, you can record your own voice giving a commentary to the presentation.

Step 5: Convert the Presentation to the Chosen Format

Step 5 - Convert Your Presentation Video in Movavi Video Converter

In the lower Converter settings tab, select your preferred video format. If you plan to watch the output video on a mobile device, click More presets for devices and select your device’s brand and model from the list.

When everything is set, click Convert! below to record your PowerPoint presentation as a video. Note that the conversion is done slide by slide in real time, so the presentation should be played from the beginning to the end to retain the logic and sequencing of the original.

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