How to rotate your video

Want to rotate a vertical video? Try Movavi Video Editor for Mac Download Now

How to Rotate Video on Mac

This tutorial refers to Movavi Video Editor for Mac OS.
If you use Windows, please read this tutorial for rotating videos on PC.

Finding out that you’ve been holding your smartphone camera the wrong way only after you finished shooting your video can be a major disappointment. But you can still save the day by rotating the frame by 90 degrees in an appropriate video editing application. Even though it won’t restore the cropped areas on the left and right of the vertical frame, rotating your movie will at least make it watchable on most screens and online. Movavi Video Editor for Mac is a clever software tool that can do exactly that – and more.

Download Movavi Video Editor for Mac and learn how to rotate videos by following step-by-step tutorial below.

Step 1: Install the Video Rotating Program

Download Movavi Video Editor for Mac from our website – the demo version is completely free to use, so you can try that first to see if it works for you. Double-click on the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the program on your Mac.

Step 2: Add the Video You Need to Rotate

Once the installation is complete, start the program and add your videos. Click the Add Videos and Photos button and locate the video you need to rotate. It can be in MP4, AVI, MOV or any other popular format – Movavi Video Editor supports them all. Or you can just drag-and-drop the file onto the Storyboard in the lower part of the program interface.

Step 3: Rotate Your Video Clip

Select the clip you want to rotate on the Storyboard to activate the editing toolbar right above the working area of the interface. Locate the rotate button next to the scissors and click on it to rotate your clip 90° clockwise – apply it to one clip multiple times if you need to rotate the clip through 270°.

Step 4: Save the Rotated Video

Now that the orientation of your video is correct, it’s time to save the clip. Once you click Export, a pop-up window with different export options appears. Choose whether you want to save the clip as general video or optimize it for mobile devices or web upload, change the export folder if necessary and click Start to begin processing your video. Wait until the process is complete – and that’s all there is to it!

Video Editor for Mac

  • Trim, cut, rotate and enhance video
  • Add music and transitions
  • Create photo slideshows
  • Save clips in most popular formats
  • Export for mobile devices and online sharing
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