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How to Capture Streaming Video

There are gigabytes of videos on the internet: YouTube clips, live streams of gigs and sporting events, educational videos, and TV shows. But what if you want to save streaming video to file and watch it again later?

Unfortunately, video sharing websites do not offer any downloading options, and watching high quality streamed videos often becomes a mess. If your bandwidth is not enough, it can take too much time to load the video. As for the live streaming videos which aren’t available for download or purchase, you can’t review them as well. Unless you have Movavi Screen Recorder — the best software for capturing online video or any other kind of screen activity. With Screen Recorder, you can record online video without slowdowns and copy it to your hard drive in any format or for any mobile device you like. Let’s see how to record streaming video with this real time video ripper.

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Install Streaming Video Recorder on Your PC or Mac

Wait until the download is finished then run the installation file and follow simple instructions on how to install our online video catcher.

Set the Capture Parameters

Open the web page that contains the video you want to capture. After launching the program, draw the capture frame over the video. You can then further adjust the frame by hand according to the size of the web video window. If you’re going to view and record the video at maximum resolution, we recommend you open the list of size presets and select your monitor name in the Full Screen section.

Next, make sure that the System Audio icon is green, this means the video will be captured with sound. If not, simply click the icon.

If you need to leave your computer for a while, use the capture timer and the program will stop grabbing the video at the designated time. To adjust the capture time settings, click the alarm clock icon and specify the exact time for the program to start recording your screen, as well as the required duration.

Record the Live Stream

Click the REC button to start the screen video recording. It will commence after a 3-second countdown, which leaves you plenty of time to prepare and hit Play on the streaming video player when the recording process starts. Once you’ve captured the video from the web page, click Stop, the video will be immediately saved to your hard drive in MKV format. You will see a preview window which lets you check the captured material, trim it, and export it in any other format.

Convert Your Screencast (Optional)

You can convert your recording to another video format right after screen capturing. To do this, click Save As in the preview window and select one of the most popular settings from the quick access panel, or open the More presets list, and choose one of the listed video/audio formats (AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV, etc.) or devices (iPod, Android, Nokia, Sony PSP, etc.). Then click Save; the program will begin saving your clip in the chosen format.

Now you know how to capture video from website in the most efficient way and keep it on your hard drive.


Movavi Screen Recorder

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.