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How to Overlay Images

Edited by Pat Bitton

July 3, 2020

Want to design your own greeting card or create a unique image for social media? We’ve got you covered! Create fascinating pictures with Movavi Photo Editor and share them with your friends.

Using Photo Editor, you can easily merge two pictures together, or add an image or texture overlay to a photo. In addition to the options for photo overlay, the program lets you apply special effects and filters, enhance picture quality, add captions, and much more. You don’t need to have any experience in photo editing, the program is easily accessible for beginners.

If you want to know how to overlay pictures, download the program for Windows or Mac and follow the guide below.

Download and Install the Photo Editor

Download the installation file and install the app on Mac or PC following the instructions on your computer screen.

Add an Image to the Program

Click the Browse for Images button and select the picture you want to edit. Or simply drag and drop the file into the program window.

Add a Photo to the Photo

To put a photo on the photo, open the Insert Image tab in the top part of the program window. Then click the Paste an Image button, choose the picture, and click Open. The image will be placed on top of the background picture. Click and drag the added image to position it how you want. To change the image size, just drag on the corner handles.

Edit the Picture

Depending what you want to achieve, there are different ways to edit the image.

To blend two pictures together or add a texture overlay, you need to change the opacity of the superimposed image. You’ll find the Opacity slider in the right part of the program window. Move the slider until the picture is transparent enough and click Apply.

Whether you add an image with a transparent background or a regular picture, use the tools in the right part of the program window to edit it. Besides adjusting the picture opacity, you can also change the outline width and color, and add shadows. When you’ve finished editing, click the Apply button to save changes.

Crop the Image (Optional)

If your two merged images are of different sizes or you want to crop unwanted parts from the merged picture, open the Crop tab and adjust the crop frame manually. You can also enter the desired number of pixels into the Width and Height fields or use the presets. Next, click the Apply button.

Save the Edited Image

Click Save in the bottom right corner of the program window. Set the appropriate options – file name, format, quality, and destination folder. Then click the Save button.

Now you know the main ways to create an image overlay. You can download ready-made images with transparent backgrounds from the Internet, overlay and blend together any photos, or apply a texture overlay. You can even choose an object on a picture, make the background around it transparent, and then move the object to another picture.

Learn how to make an image background transparent


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