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How to Speed Up an iPhone Video

Edited by Pat Bitton

August 6, 2019

If you like to watch videos on your iPhone – cooking shows or clips where people craft something – you might think that it is worthwhile to add speed to their actions. In this case, you will get the same amount of information more quickly. Also, if you shoot DIY videos yourself, you might want to shorten them while keeping all the important content.

Just speed up an iPhone video with Movavi Clips. Get the app for your iPhone and make an accelerated video with no effort! Movavi Clips has been geared specifically for mobile phones, including iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, X, or newer. Consider using it and you will see how simple the video editing process is. Here’s a guide on how to speed up a video on an iPhone using Movavi Clips.

Install the App for iOS

Follow the link above and download Movavi Clips for your iPhone. Wait until downloading is complete and tap the app icon to launch the video editor.

Add Your Video File

At the very bottom, you can see a round button with a Plus sign on it. Touch the button and choose Video from the options that appear. Decide on the aspect ratio, depending on where you are going to upload the result.

On the new screen, select one or multiple videos to speed up. Tap Start editing.

Accelerate the Footage

If you don’t want to speed up the whole video, select just the required segments. To do this, scroll the video until the vertical marker reaches the beginning of the segment that has to be accelerated and tap the Trim button. Do the same with the end of the segment. Repeat several times if you want to speed up two or more segments.

Now it’s time to accelerate either the whole video or just certain parts. Place the vertical marker onto the video part you want to speed up. Scroll the toolbar to the right and find the Speed button. Touch it to open the acceleration settings and move the Video speed slider to the right. You’ll see the adjusted clip length above the preview window. Play back your footage and tap Apply if you like the new speed. Repeat the same actions with other segments.

Save the Clip

Touch the Save icon on the top right. A new window will appear. Tap the blue Save button at the bottom. The result will be transferred to your iPhone gallery.

Movavi Clips is a powerful iPhone video editor with many useful functions. Changing video speed, trimming videos, adding filters or transitions – this is only a partial list of the app’s functions. With Movavi Clips, video editing is a pleasure.


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