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Need to convert VHS to DVD? We know how! Use Movavi Video Suite

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How to Convert VHS to DVD

Now you can revive your collection of home videos and old movies – transfer those old video tapes to DVD! With Movavi Video Suite, it’s easy even for complete beginners.

To copy video from VHS to DVD you used to need a special converter. Not any more! Now, there’s Movavi Video Suite. You can download this simple, powerful Windows software for free and transfer your old 8mm movies to DVD, as well as any other film type. The only hardware you need is a TV tuner (or a USB device), a VHS player, and cables to connect these devices to your PC.

Once you have all the necessary equipment, just follow our instructions, and you’ll transfer VHS to DVD in no time!

Step 1: Install Movavi Video Suite and Open VHS to DVD Recorder

Download Movavi Video Suite and install it following the on-screen instructions. After the installation is complete, open the program – you’ll see the Movavi Video Suite launcher. Choose Capture from cameras, VHS, TV in the Video tab. This will launch the module that lets you capture output from video cassettes, webcams, camcorders, and other devices.

Step 2: Turn on the Equipment for VHS Capturing

Use the video and audio cables to connect the VHS player to the TV tuner. Then connect the TV tuner to your computer. If you’re using a USB device, just plug it in a USB port. Make sure that the computer recognizes the connected devices.

Step 3: Adjust Capture Parameters

In the Movavi video capturing application choose your recording parameters:
Video Capture Device: your device (TV tuner or other equipment)
Audio Capture Device: your sound card or other device for audio capture
Save files to: the folder where you want to save your video

To start converting, click Start Capture in the video capture application interface. Then play the tape in the VHS player. When the tape has finished playing, click Stop Capture. To view the file you’ve just recorded, click View saved files.

Step 4: Tweak your Video and Burn the File to DVD

When the capture is complete, you can tweak your new file in Movavi Video Editor. To do this, click Edit Video in the Movavi Video Suite launcher. Once the Video Editor has opened, click Add Media Files and choose your newly recorded file. The video will be added to the Timeline automatically. Now you can edit the recording: enhance video quality, split, crop and rotate, add titles or add a new soundtrack, and much more.

To save the edited file, click Export and choose an appropriate format in the Save Video File tab. Then click Start to complete the saving process.

You can also burn your video to CD or DVD right from within Movavi Video Suite. Note that you’ll have to download and install the disc-burning app separately from the rest of the program. To do this, open the Video Suite launcher, go to the Data tab, choose Burn disc, and click the Download button.

After the burner app is installed on your computer, click Burn disc one more time to launch it. Insert a DVD disc into your computer, and then open the Video tab in upper part of the interface. Locate the file you want to record on DVD and drag it to the working area of the program. Then simply click Burn Disc and in a few minutes you’ll have your VHS converted to DVD.

With Movavi Video Suite, VHS to DVD conversion is easy!

Movavi Video Suite

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