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How to Add Motion Blur to a Photo

Edited by Pat Bitton

September 5, 2019

If you try to shoot a moving object, it’s rare that you get a photo that actually gives the impression of motion. More often, you get a ‘frozen’ image with no indication of high speed. You can ask others about how to take a good shot or search the internet for ideas, but there’s a much easier way to convey speed in your pictures: just try using motion blur.

What is the motion blur effect? It happens when something is moving at such a high speed that the human eye cannot see the object’s shape – it looks blurred. If you compare photographs with motion blur vs. no motion blur, you’ll see that the motion blur images look more dynamic.

Movavi Picverse Photo Focus is a great way to simulate this effect by washing out the background while the subject of the photography remains clear. Try it and you’ll see why motion blur is a thing. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you add motion blur to a photo.

Download and Install the Movavi Motion Blur Maker

Get Movavi Picverse Photo Focus for your Windows or Mac. Double-click the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions. After that’s done, run the app.

Upload Your Image

Find the photo you want to work on and drag it into the program window. Alternatively, you can use the Browse for Images button. Your selected image will appear on the screen.

Enhance the Photo

If you don’t have much time or just want to get an idea of the possibilities, use the semi-automatic mode. Choose the Nature or Architecture tab depending on the context of the photo. You’ll see multiple lines on your photo and two blue markers in the center. The lines are the borders of blurred and focused areas, and the markers are used to rotate the area of focus – just drag them as you need. Use the inner lines to enlarge the focused area and then adjust the outer lines to mark where to blur the background.

After you’ve decided what to blur, change the positions of two sliders in the Motion blur section: use Amount to set the intensity of the blurring and Angle to set the direction of blurring. If you make a mistake, click Reset.

For more advanced modification, go to the Free focus tab. Here, you can adjust everything by hand. Use the Brush tool to mark the focused area. You can paint two objects or even more. The Eraser tool will help if you accidentally paint the wrong area. Scroll down the menu on the right to find the Motion blur section and set the blurring parameters as described above. Tweak them until you like the result.

Save the Resulting Picture

Click Save As to store the edited photo on your computer. Define the output format in the window that appears and hit Save. Your friends are going to love your high-speed image!


Movavi Picverse Photo Focus

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  • Make amazing miniatures
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