Top-12 Software for Screencasts on Mac for Free

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Best desktop software for Mac screencasting

One easy option to make a screencast on a Mac is to download a video recording desktop app for OSX. The following programs are the best choices to create professional-level videos for screencasting.

Best for: easy high-quality screencasting

Rating: 4.5/5 stars, 49 reviews


Movavi Screen Recorder features a highly intuitive interface that makes recording your Mac screen easy. This app provides the option to record the entirety of the computer screen or the portion of your choice. The control panel is straightforward and small, keeping it from being a distraction. An especially useful feature allows the user to schedule recordings ahead of time to begin and end with the opening and closing of an event.


  • Convenient recording

  • User-friendly interface

  • Option to record portion of the screen or the entire screen

  • Multiple export options

  • Compact panel minimizes distraction

  • Easy video editing

  • Schedule recording start and finish times

  • Drawing on videos while recording

  • Editing screenshots


  • The free version does not offer all features

  • The free version is watermarked


Best for: Apple fans

Rating: 3.5/5 stars, 170 reviews

Price: free

QuickTime is Apple’s entry in the screencasting field. This program is automatically included on every Mac and offers video recording and editing. Its sleek, stylish appearance and user-friendly screen recording and streaming line up perfectly with the Apple aesthetic. QuickTime offers options to input audio from multiple sources and automatically reconnects if disconnected, both very handy features.

Some users have complained that this app can interfere with other programs and, in some cases, has a tendency to crash after an OSX update. QuickTime also does not support some common file formats.


  • Offers video recording and editing

  • User-friendly screen recording and streaming

  • Automatically reconnects if disconnected

  • Stylish appearance

  • Already installed on Mac

  • Options for input from multiple sound streams


  • It can interfere with other programs

  • It does not support some common file formats

  • Sometimes crashes after OSX updates

Download QuickTime


Best for: experienced users

Rating: 4.4/5 stars, 102 reviews

Price: free

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) offers a variety of impressive features at no cost. These features include custom backgrounds, an array of plugins for added functionality, and easy export to most live-streaming video platforms like YouTube Live and Facebook Live. The user can also set the video quality and FPS as needed.

While this option for screencasting offers plenty of features for free, it is not as user-friendly as some of the other programs on this list. It also takes up a considerable amount of CPU space.


  • The free version includes all features

  • Easily exports to most live-streaming video platforms

  • 20+ plugins to expand the functionality

  • Custom backgrounds

  • Easy and rapid slide duplication

  • User can choose quality settings


  • Not as user-friendly as other programs

  • It uses a lot of memory space

Download OBS

Icecream Screen Recorder

Best for: short recordings

Rating: 4/5 stars, 24 reviews

Price: free/$29.95 for premium

Icecream Screen Recorder is another free tool for screencasting. This program is known for its user-friendly interface and high-quality video results. Icecream offers both video recording and editing.

Some users report that the audio distorts at times. The free version is also watermarked and limited to five minutes of recording at a time. The program also offers a limited number of video format options.


  • User-friendly interface

  • Offers video recording and editing

  • Produces high-quality video


  • Audio sometimes distorts

  • Limited video format options

  • The free version limits the use to 5 minutes and includes a watermark

Download Icecream Screen Recorder


Best for: how-to videos

Rating: 4/5 stars, 131 reviews

Price: free

ScreenRec offers free screencasting with no watermark or time limits. It features single-click recording, instant sharing capability, and automatic encryption for added security. ScreenRec recordings are also easily shared through private messages or posting to popular video-sharing sites.

However, ScreenRec does not offer any video editing capabilities; videos shot with ScreenRec will have to be edited using alternate software.


  • The free version has no watermark or time limits

  • Single-click recording

  • Sources from external and internal audio

  • Instant sharing capability

  • Automatic encryption


  • No video editing capabilities

Download ScreenRec

Best screencast software for Mac: online options

Another option for screencasting on Mac is to use online software, eliminating the need to download any programs. The following are the best options for online screencasting software for Mac.

Screen Capture

Best for: beginners

Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera

Rating: 4.7/5 stars, 563 reviews


In addition to free video recording for screencasting, Screen Capture also offers an online tutorial explaining how to screencast on Mac using this software, making it ideal for first-time screencasters. The interface is very accessible for inexperienced users. However, the free version includes a watermark.


  • Very user-friendly

  • Tutorial for beginners

  • HD videos


  • Glitches may result in lost videos

  • Watermark on the free version

Go to Screen Capture

Panopto Express

Best for: educators

Supported browsers: any

Rating: 4.2/5 stars, 84 reviews

Price: free/$14.99 per month for pro

Panopto Express is another extremely user-friendly online program for screencasting. This program was designed specifically for use in schools and universities. Its interface is very accessible. This program produces HD videos up to 1080p and offers easy sharing through multiple formats. It also minimizes buffer delays for smoother video.

Several users report that the automatic closed captioning function is not very accurate. Some also identified bugs that affected the quality of the screencast.


  • Very user-friendly

  • HD video up to 1080p

  • Easy sharing of videos

  • Minimizes buffer delays


  • Automatic closed captioning is underwhelming

  • Some users report bugs that affect video quality

Go to Panopto Express

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Best for: editing videos during online recording

Supported browsers: any

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Price: free

This web grabber records a variety of screen actions, including streaming movies, self-demonstrations, and internet calls. You may modify your recordings in real time, which is a fantastic feature. Apowersoft may export files in a variety of formats that aren't usually supported by desktop apps. You can post your video when you've finished recording.

Although Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder works online, it requires the installation of a certain launcher. But don't worry, it's completely safe.


  • Fully featured web capture

  • Wide choice of output formats

  • Variety of customizable settings

  • No watermark

  • Free of charge


  • Requires installation of a launcher for Windows or Mac

  • Not suitable for game recording

Go to Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder website

Best Google Chrome extensions to make a screencast on Mac

The third option for screencasting is to use a Chrome Extension. These extensions record and broadcast video directly from your Google Chrome browser, avoiding the need to download a desktop or navigate to an online recording website. The following are the best Google Chrome extension options for Mac screencasting.


Best for: Google fans

Supported browsers: Google Chrome

Rating: 4/5 stars, 11K reviews, 10M users

Price: free/paid subscription to additional tools

Screencastify is a video recording Google Chrome extension that can be used for screencasting. Its operation is very user-friendly, and the videos it produces are easily saved to Google Drive. It offers a handy picture-in-picture option and some editing tools in its free version.

Other editing tools are only available in the paid version of the extension, however. The free version also limits users to a five-minute recording limit. Some users have reported issues with customer service, as well.


  • User-friendly operation

  • Picture-in-picture option

  • It offers some editing tools

  • Easily saves to Google Drive


  • Some users have had issues with customer service

  • Five-minute recording limit on free service

  • Some editing tools only included in the paid version

Download Screencastify


Best for: professional settings

Supported browsers: Google Chrome

Rating: 4.7/5 stars, 10K reviews, 5M users

Price: free/$8.00 per month for business version

Loom is a screencasting extension specifically designed for the workplace. This program is straightforward to use and offers easy sharing options. It also provides comprehensive tutorial videos covering every aspect of using this tool. Videos are exported as links rather than files, which many users find convenient.

Loom does not offer HD video recordings, and the audio quality is inconsistent. The quality of its recordings is subject to the internet connection speed on which it is accessed. Free users are also limited to 198 videos.


  • Comprehensive tutorials

  • Simple to use

  • Easy sharing options

  • Exports as links rather than files


  • Audio quality is inconsistent

  • High resolution is not available

  • Free version limits users to 198 recordings

  • Quality of recordings is subject to internet connection speed

Download Loom


Best for: freelancers

Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge

Rating: 4.6/5 stars, 16K reviews, 1M users

Price: free/$5 per month for pro

Nimbus is primarily a note-taking extension, but it can also be used for screencasting. The note-taking nature of this program makes it perfect for freelancers who may want to share videos from multiple projects in one stream. One-click recording and user-friendly sharing options make this a very easy extension to use for such tasks. Nimbus also offers keyboard shortcuts, video editing capabilities, and the use of the webcam for screencasting.

Some users have reported crashes that result in lost data. Saving the recorded files also takes an extremely long time.


  • Includes use of webcam

  • Provides video editing capabilities

  • User-friendly sharing options

  • One-click recording

  • Offers keyboard shortcuts


  • Some users report crashes and lost data

  • Saving recorded files takes a long time

Download Nimbus

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

Best for: sharing content in one click

Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari

Rating: 4.6/5 stars, 24K reviews, 2M users

Price: free/$5 per month for basic

This extension includes all of the necessary features for easy screen recording and screenshotting, which should be sufficient for most users. Your desktop, current tab, or webcam may all be recorded. There's also a video resolution option: 720p, 1080p, or 4K. Sending files to Jira, Slack, Trello, Asana, and GitHub are all supported as well.

You have the option of using the free version, which has a restricted set of features, or paying a membership price.


  • Screen recorder and screenshotter in one

  • Wide range of shareable options


  • To get a shareable link, you need to have an account on the official Awesome Screenshot website

  • There are significant limitations to the free version

Download Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

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