How to Record Screens on Windows 7

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  1. DownloadDownload Movavi Screen Recorder
  2. Capture a video
  3. Save your video

How to Use Movavi’s Screen Recorder for Windows 7

Do you want to save your favorite TV shows or webinars on a Windows 7 PC? Movavi Screen Recorder is one of the best recording tools that can help you out! This simple program lets you record your screen and audio with confidence and ease – even in HD.

If you want to know how to capture video on a PC or laptop, read the following instructions.

  • Step 1. Install the Video Recorder for Windows 7

    DownloadDownload Movavi’s screen-recording software and run the installation file. Follow the instructions on your screen. The program opens automatically after the installation is complete.

  • Step 2. Adjust Recording Parameters

    Before grabbing the screen, you should adjust the capture area. Hit the Recording icon on the sidebar and select the area you want to record. If you need to show keyboard actions or highlight your cursor, go to the Settings menu.

  • Step 3. Capture Your Screen Activity

    Click the REC button to start capturing your computer screen with sound. Click Stop to finish the recording. You can also use F9 to pause and F10 to start or stop the capturing process.

    When you're done with capturing, the preview window will open up, and your video will automatically be saved in the MKV format. You can also change the format in the saving window.


Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.

Movavi Screen Recorder

  • Capture video from your computer screen
  • Grab sound from multiple sources
  • Use the simple editing tools to make your recording perfect
  • Save videos in any popular format

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.

How to Record Video on Windows 7 with Windows Video Capture Software

  • Step 1. Install FlashBack Express 5

    Download FlashBack Express 5 from the official site and run the installation file. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the video recorder for Windows 7.

  • Step 2. Run the Software

    Open the program. There will be a splash screen asking you what would you like to do with the program. You can record your computer screen or watch tutorial videos to learn how to use the recording tool.

  • Step 3. Adjust Settings

    To adjust settings, click the Record Screen button. You will see the recording options. The program allows you to record the entire screen, the active window or a specific area. The Record Sound checkbox turns the system sounds recording on. You can also choose an output device. Click on the Record button to start the recording of your screen.

  • Step 4. Finish Your Recording

    Press the Stop button or use the Shift+Ctrl+X hotkey combination to stop recording. You will be asked if you want to review, delete or save your file. If you want to review it, the program will open the FlashBack Express Player automatically and plays the recording. Your file will be saved in WMV format.

How to Capture Video with a Free Screen Recorder for Windows 7

  • Step 1. Download DU Recorder for PC

    Before the downloading of the desktop version of DU recording tool, you have to install the Android Emulator. Then download and run the installation file, and follow on-screen instructions.

  • Step 2. Adjust Settings

    Go to the Settings menu to customize the recording parameters. Select the FPS to adjust quality settings. The Record Audio button allows you to select audio settings.

  • Step 3. Capture Video

    Go to the Record Screen and click the Start Recording button in the middle of the window.

  • Step 4. Save the Recording

    To stop capturing, press the Stop button in the program window and save the result.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can record your PC or laptop screen with Movavi Screen Recorder. It’s a free program that runs under Windows 7.

  1. First, install and launch Movavi Screen Recorder on your PC.
  2. Adjust the settings for the session. Click the Cogwheel icon and set the parameters as necessary in the dialog box that appears. Сlick OK.
  3. To start recording, click Screen recording and select the part of the screen you want to capture. Make sure the settings are as you want them for the Webcam, Microphone, and System Audio (they can be activated or deactivated depending on your needs).
  4. Click REC to begin the process after a short countdown. You can use the Screenshot and Pause buttons during the recording. Click Stop to finish.
  5. Click Save As. In the dialog box that appears, name the file and choose the output format. Click Save again.

Movavi Screen Recorder is one of the best screen capturing programs for Windows 7. Here are some other options for you to check out:

  • ActivePresenter 8
  • OBS Studio
  • ShareX