Best Sites to Download Music for Free
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Best Free Music Download Sites

The internet is rich with uncountable contents related to diverse niches, searching for related musical content could be stressful than necessary when there is a lack of information about the best sources to obtain the materials.

We should always try to purchase music to encourage artists, but when we cannot afford to buy music online, and we need materials for pleasure, academic, and various purposes, some music websites offer free, useful download and streaming services. There are vast numbers of good musical platforms that provide similar services, however; it is wise to obtain from a secure and legally backed source to avert problems such as a virus, privacy, and third-party theft.

Below are a few essential points to consider before downloading or streaming from a website.

  • Genre: jazz, R&B, rock, old-school
  • Purpose: gaming, leisure, academic, movie soundtrack
  • Legality: copyright protection, permission
  • Safety: virus, user information protection
  • Available File Format: MP2, MP3, WAV, AAC
  • Payment package: paid, free

When we put the above list into consideration, it helps reduce complication that may arise from the process of searching and acquisition of musical contents. The only hindrance we may have is where to find music websites serve different purposes; nevertheless, we have provided a list of favorite sites that are recommendable free download and streaming of various branches of music on your computer or phone.

However there’s also another way of downloading music from the Internet. You can use a video/audio capturing program, such as Movavi Screen Recorder, and simply record the songs you need. Download the program for free on our website and check out what it’s capable of.

If you want to know how to record internal audio on a PC, check the guide below:

How to record internal audio on a PC

Note: the listed platforms are not in order of importance but fit to be in the top 10 music download websites regarding visitors and activities.

Where to Download Music Free Online: Our Top 10 Free Music Download Websites

Free Music Achive

The free interactive library platform that provides rich and high quality shared tracks painstakingly selected by a leading American radio (The City Radio Station) and other musical professionals from other stations to give the best service and satisfaction to users.

All available tracks have the consent of the Right Holder for listening and other purposes such as professional and educational purposes. This site unifies music lovers; it offers collaboration between amongst various musical inclined people like writers, curators, music stations, and performers.

Users create profiles that contain their necessary information and link to download their respective tracks if satisfied; the listener through a PayPal account can tip artists. There can be an interaction with other listeners, creation, and sharing of FMA tracks as well as the writing of reviews.


A private top running Limited Company in the internet music community with over 10 years experience, 40 million registered users and 175 million monthly visitors, known for its effectiveness in streaming via various channels such as Tweeter, Facebook and other platforms through a provided link.

SoundCloud uses Widget and Apps to perform its functions; A SoundCloud Widget placed on a website will make available different saved tracks to an account accessible to visitors and synchronize with the primary account to update the linked site.

All users registered on their platform can upload various files of up to 180 minutes at a free cost, perform unlimited streaming, and download permitted contents by the uploader. WAV, MP3, MP2, AAC, AGG, WMA, ALAC are some of the compatible formats for this site.


Amazon Music is one of the best free music download sites that offer visitors amazing online and offline music experience with an achieve of over 11 million expert compiled playlist and track options. The Amazon platform provides a choice of creating personal playlists that can be accessible at any time and location as long as there is an internet connection on Mac, Windows, Android software, Fire TV and other Alexa supported devices such as Amazon Echo.

A visitor has the opportunity to select a vocal track of diverse genre of music from Rap, Rock, even scare tracks meant for special occasions like a christening, burials, etc. Options such as free streaming, unlimited access to music, free ad-free on-demand music, and offline listening with unlimited skips are available.


Musopen was launched in Tarzana, California in 2005 by Aaron Dunn; it provides free resources of digital music without restricting copyright from a Freemium model, free users can download a maximum of 5 tracks per day of a significant number of achieving that has an expired or no copyright protection. There is a host of tracks unavailable to the public and paid domains which Musopen offers; it obtains recordings or records unprotected tracks for re-use and listening by visitors with a Flash player or HTML5.

Musopen also offers free spreadsheet, textbooks, and various educational materials for the consumption of the user.

Public Domain 4U

Offers a list of free brilliant classical music for downloading and streaming, but such tracks cannot serve commercial purposes. The platform finds and shares the music of the past with the authorization of the artist or Right Holder of such precious materials, so the contents will not go into extinction but help shape the future of the music industry.

Users have access to a large original MP3 songs download collection, which comprises fading genres considered as an old school such as jazz, folks, and classical instrumentals. The site is beneficial in finding materials by musical institutions and researchers who are in need of musical contents of previous ages.


Jamendo is a music company with an average community size of above 3 million that offers its users the opportunity to download music free online; they have above 40000 registered artists from 150 countries who can receive remunerations through a musical licensing platform. License for background music and music synchronization can be available for sale with the directive of the artist.

The platform promotes new music and chat topping tracks by the use of an editorial feed right at the Homepage and makes searching easier by the use of an engine which enables search options such as Artists, Albums, Tags est. It is one of the best websites to download music.


NoiseTrade has a double function, it performs its duties as a promotion platform and a free MP3 music download site, users download materials of independent artists, but it requires the user to provide email and postal code information. Artist’s promotion is active on this platform; it is a platform for competition because of its top downloads and recent upload features that allow both recognized and upcoming Artists to create widgets for the official uploads of completed and sample track.

A link directs users to the official social media page of an artist, an artist whose track attracts a listener can receive a tip of $4.


This site formally is known as Unborn Media has an exceptional added feature aside sharing and streaming of music for fans consumption; it promotes and shares information on latest events and festivals, which makes it one of the best places to download music. The site automatically shuffles the listed artiste on its homepage regularly, so there are a variety of artists to select without an extensive racking of the brain.

It is a win-win situation for all participants, while record labels can detect gifted persons and promote the music of their artists, an artist can also release, promote and attract the interests of record labels, the end users get to listen to free music all day long.


Only a few platforms can rival Incompetech on the provision of a growing number of 2300 royalty-free library music that can be helpful for film music, YouTube, gaming and other commercial purposes. The establishment only needs an attribution or reference from an interested end-user before putting the tracks to use.

This site can solve a significant problem for small production and business enterprise who cannot afford the fee of buying a musical license or employing an artist to fulfill their soundtrack problems.

Internet Achive (Audio Achive)

The internet achieve was founded over 22 years ago as a non-profit organization which saddled itself with the emancipation of the internet to be open and free. Podcasts, concerts, educational materials amongst others are free for different purposes after an appropriate party gives consent for the inclusion of their content so we will not be compliant issues legally.

The site itemizes files in sections, and there is a provision of a community to make the visitor have a smooth user experience through interactions and recommendation of needful tracks.

Apart from using online music archives and websites with free music, you can always download the songs you want with a screen capture program, such as Movavi Screen Recorder. Simply play the song online, record it and save it on your hard drive. Download the program for free and see how it can ease your life.